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May 24, 2010


Without guys, nothing would ever get done.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I am so proud of our species. *sheds a quiet tear*

And stay off his damn lawn in the meantime.

Makes quick work of yard drudgery, I bet.

Coming up on Top Gear.

I don't care if you just hold a butter knife out beside you. At those speeds, I guarantee you'd cut grass.
I want one.

Cutting my lawn would take about 4.259 seconds with a mower like that.

What are the water and air lawnmower speed records?

"This baby'll mow a football stadium in 11 seconds." Born to be Wild

The way things are going, we're all going to be driving cars propelled by string trimmer motors in a few years.

I think I may have beaten his record a few Saturdays ago when I was on my riding lawn mower and saw a black snake looking at me. I never knew a Craftsman could go so fast. In reverse.

Who the hell even knew there was a previous lawnmower land speed record?

C'est Moi Ownself, MtB ...

Now I'll hafta werk on that definition of "lawnmower" ... First: Have a lawn to mow ...

MtB - Tim Allen knew it, as did Bob Villa (see my previous post/linkie). Argh! argh! argh!

It only turns left, though. There's no grass on the beach. They should be required to mow for real.

These are not as fast (yet), but aremore practical.

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