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May 20, 2010


A Florida shopping mall had an unexpected, and unwelcome, visitor Wednesday when a 10-foot alligator took up residence on a nearby sidewalk, authorities said.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Better an alligator than a teenager seeking to spend money -- at least that's what some malls seem to believe.

Feed it the Mayor of Toronto.

Well at least it wasn't on a golf course

Fire up the grill and get me some gator tail! (and beautimous strappy sandals)

So gators cruise the malls during mating season?

Gives a whole new meaning to reTAIL therapy.

Just like all the other young males, hanging out at the mall looking for girls!

Annoying teenagers on cell phones or alligators? I'll take the alligators.

Wanna go on a mall crawl?

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