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May 25, 2010


Buggery of a donkey.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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Man jailed for having sex with horse and donkey

What - this is wrong? I mean, this is wrong!

Horse with a buggery behind.

Those whacky Brits. Sheep, Donkeys, picnic tables... Where did they ever find the time to found an empire?

"Do they call me Joseph the Builder? No . . . "

Neigh means neigh, dude.

relating to the two animals on the same dates.

Well, if they were on a date what's the problem?

And *SNORK* @ Romeo.

Bet he gets his own cell, all by himself.

double *snork* at Romeo

Since when is buggery of a donkey illegal? In Scotland, I mean.

What an ass. And I don't mean the donkey.

Now THAT is a good name .....

Defense attorney: "Say no more, Squires."

Mebbe that's the only @ss he could get.


Everyone knows those donkeys are sluts, but buggering a horse? That's just wrong.

Ok, have to share my favorite joke:

Two English gentlemen are sitting by the fire at the club, brandy snifters, cigars, etc.

Gent 1: Say, haven't seen old Dimmesdale around the club lately, have you?
Gent 2: Haven't you heard? Had to chuck him out. Caught him down in the club stables, having his way with one of the horses. Tragic.
Gent 1: Oh dear, oh dear... One of the mares?
Gent 2: What? Oh yes, yes of course! Nothing QUEER about old Dimmesdale!

Watch the Scottish put downs padraig. I'm half Scottish. Don't they have singles bars in Great Britain?

He previously pleaded guilty to buggery of a donkey between February 2 and February 5 1999, and buggery with a horse between March 15 and 18 2004.

It took him three days each time? I'm not sure if he's doing it wrong, or if he's doing it right.

cindy, there are Scots singles bars, but nobody in there can understand what anyone else is saying, so nothing goes very far.

At least he didn't bugger a camel.

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