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May 20, 2010


Among the 18 million places I went to promote my new book was Google headquarters, which is located in a Secret Undisclosed Location. It's a very impressive complex filled with really smart people who all seem to be about 17 years old. They had a nice event for me and put a video of it on the Internet, which I believe is going to be big.

(Thanks to trustf8)


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Dave wrote a book?

the video will be big, or dave will be big?

The video IS Big long, Dave is Hilarious!

(... & the people involved are pretty funny, too)

The Internet's gonna be big??? I think you've got something there, Dave.

I'll have to watch that later when I'm bored not working so hard.


Loved the captions and as always Dave was hilarious. I liked Gobi too.

I believe Bill Gates, the internet is just a passing fad.

No, Horace, it's gonna be a Big Effin' Deal!

Wrong veep. That was Biden.

yes, bon franklin, THAT is an 'Inconvenient Truth', but I INVENTED the INTERNET!



I heard the internet is all computerized now.

Dave, did they help you find yourself?

Psst to Google captioner: That's "Ryukyu Islands", not "Riucu". Y'know, where Okinawa is?

I guess my days there at Kubasaki HS were so enjoyable (not!) that I failed to notice the fruit flies, though...

What? In prehistoric times my googles itched.

Anybody else think Red was a plant? Just happened to pick "North Dakota"...

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