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May 03, 2010


Tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern Waterboard Time. Be here, or be an unfortunate skier.


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OMG! I see his perimeter!!!


Hey, how's it hangin'?

Slope = Angle of the Dangle

¡uıɐʇunoɯ ǝɹɐq ƃıq ¡ıʞs

So are you saying "Be hee-er" or "an unfortunate skeer" ??

Do you think Jack will be able to figure out the plot this season?

Just saw a blurb that filming for the season has wrapped...no real details released, except that apparently Jack is on the run from Chloe all the way until the end, when there's some sort of major confrontation. Of course, that could all be a red herring.

I've still got a sense that they might kill off Jack, Chloe, etc., as a 'series ending shocker'....and any "24" movie that might come out in the future would therefore be a prequel. That way, they could bring Edgar back!!!

I read somewhere else that the finale involves Jack mysteriously blacking out at a restaurant in New Jersey.

Can't think of a song for Jack tonight, so this is dedicated to
'The Amazing.....' (a late birthday thank you)

He'd flies through the shows with the greatest of ease,
That Amazing man, Steve, that no one ever sees.
His recaps are funny, all of us he does please
As he types when we all drink away.

This young man named Steve is Amazing, for sure!
When we're all confused he can understand more.
He's watching & writing when we're on the floor
And his comedy blows us away!.

If Dave & the rest of us happen to doze
Steve's wide awake always following the shows
Whatever Jack does The Amazing Steve knows!
And he makes it make sense, anyway!

So if we should hear a 'perimeter' & DRINK!
Steve stays alert & he's able to think
When we're passed out cold & The Blog's on the blink
Jack Bauer STEVE! will surely save the day!

I wonder if Journey will be playing in the background...

All good things (and bad ones too) must come to an end...

Does Jack walk off into the sunset or into a hail of bullets? I suppose the fans wouldn't mind him dying if he takes a few folks down with him. But, *what* can kill a Jack Bauer though? Do we have enough ammo in this universe to take him down (and his sack too)???

Take down Jack? Are you Serius (as in from outta space)???


My guess is Chloe confronts Jack, very angry because after 8 years of helping him, he never said thank you, and now he is NOT listening to her, so she
Tazers him, and ...it has no effect.

He's Jack, dammit!

Chloe drops the taser, and confesses her love for him.

Jack, turns and walks out the door. Chloe lets him.

Before he leaves, he turns his head and says
"thank you...".


Jack turns, walks out the door, but pauses, and says,
"Sure, but who have you ever killed? You're no Renee

Fade out.

After the commercial we see Bauer walking around in
New York, kinda dazed and sad, ala Kwai Chang Cain
desert trek in ABC's KUNG FU.

Titles and credits.

Excuse me, but aren't his- Pants On The Ground, Pants On The Ground...

trustf8! You rock!

LOL....loved that. :-)

If Dave didn't remind me I'd probably forget. Talk to y'all later.

Free willy!

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