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May 24, 2010


Shrew spit.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Shrew spit. Say that ten times fast.

I guess Richard Gere was just into alternative medical treatments ahead of the curve. Do gerbils work as well as shrews?

ewwww. here kitty, kitty...

Didn't know my mother-in-law was involved in the medical field!

If they start using things like shrews, leeches, maggots etc. routinely for health issues then my blog name will have to change to Cindy the Bum. No way am I going near that thing. I once heard that a mother's spit has the same chemical compound as Formula 409.

Put some Windex on it.

I'll bet that shrew could've taken care of Obama's vole.

"Spit-Swappin' Shrew Snoggers" wbagnfa... actually, I don't know what that would be a good name for. Maybe my son's soccer team. Better than the names they've come up with.

padraig -- my daughter's team were given pepto-bismol pink jerseys and told to pick a name.

I spent a season rooting for the Pink Vultures.

But hey, she's now fourteen and just yesterday her team WON THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!

WooHoo! We're off to Broken Arrow, OK, for regional finals.

Congrats bon!

Send me a PV t-shirt!

Kiss me Kate, you shrew.

Pink Vultures WBAGNFA Winning Team!
Congrats to all the bonmots :)

Thanks. The Pink Vultures were years ago, though.

The contrast between the cute cuddly gap-toothed pigtailed girls and their team name was fun.

They're going to have to make shrew spit synthetically; it's not practical to raise shrews in captivity. Their metabolism requires huge amounts of food, and they are cannibals, so they can't be kept together. "Shrew Spit" would also be a good title for a horror movie about patients who devour their neighbors. The catch phrase of the innocent victims could be "Are you shrewish? You don't look shrewish."

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