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May 24, 2010

Here is where we stand:

Jack, having for various solid reasons killed or wounded two-thirds of the population of Manhattan, is now hunting Russian President Suvarov and also leaking about a quart of blood every 15 minutes. Jack is in turn being pursued by CTU under the command of Pillar, the henchperson of ex-President Dirtbag, who was captured by Jack last week and revealed, under interrogation, that he had pooped his drawers. Meanwhile the FBI took the Secret Video away from Meredith and has been ordered to give it to President Woman President, who is suffering from pangs of either conscience or intestinal flu; there is no way to tell which.

Chloe and Cole are also trying to find Jack. Edgar is still dead.

Tonight's two-hour special is the final episode, ending eight years of Jack Bauer's courageous efforts to find some way, against impossible odds, not to laugh out loud at the plot. It is a journey we have all taken together; a journey that has given us much to think about. We can honestly say that it has been an unmitigated pleasure, except when it sucked. Thanks to all of you for participating on this blog. And thanks especially to The Amazing Steve for his wonderful summaries. We don't know why you do it, T.A.S., but we strongly suspect drugs are very grateful.

And now it's time for our final scientific poll:

What was your favorite moment in all the eight seasons?
Terrorist frogpersons capturing the White House.
Jack getting addicted to heroin.
Chloe tasering the drunk in the bar.
The time that the perimeter actually succeeded in capturing a... No, wait, that never happened.
The Victoria's Secret Dream Angel Push-up Brassiere commercial.
Chloe shooting the machine gun.
The discovery that it is not necessary to refrigerate ketchup or mustard.
That time Jack shouted "DAMMIT!"
The ceremony observing the hiring of the 10,000th CTU mole.
The terrorist missile that flew from Iowa to Los Angeles at 14 miles per hour.
Renee cutting off that guy's thumb.
Renee emerging from the Potomac.
All the times Jack obtained voluntary confessions through the use of power tools.
Some other moment, which I will nominate in the comments (the blog comments, not the poll comments).
This is off-topic, but: It felt as though the last episode of "Lost" ran about 17 hours too long.
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UPDATE: Jack said he's eternally grateful. So maybe he's DEAD.

UPDATE: When two guys are aiming guns at each other and engaging in dialog, I always think, "If I were one of those guys, I would pull the trigger, before the other guy does." Does that make me a bad person? Never mind.

UPDATE: Nice product placement of the rearview-camera feature.

UPDATE: But we WANT to see Jack take Pillar apart piece by piece.

UPDATE: Jack has the power of Backseat Invisibility.

UPDATE: Jack Bauer does not need blood.

UPDATE: Or anesthetic.

UPDATE: "I am judge and jury. Now STEP BACK."

UPDATE: Here's the thing: Middle East peace treaties NEVER work anyway.

UPDATE: Whoa! President Woman President is insane! This is good!

UPDATE: Jack has one of those instant-on PCs that don't actually exist.

UPDATE: Somehow, Jack got inside the perimeter.

UPDATE: Nice to see Chloe with a gun again.

UPDATE: Jack choking Chloe! Hot.

UPDATE: Jack has a very large gun.

UPDATE: One hour down. Not a whole lot happened.

UPDATE: "The pipple of Russia."

UPDATE: So far today Jack has been stabbed twice and (I think) shot twice. At this rate he is eventually going to need medical attention.


UPDATE: I miss the rods.

UPDATE: Well, THIS is a neat and tidy ending.

UPDATE: Aw. Jack and Chloe.

UPDATE: So in conclusion: The Peace Process was NOT a big deal after all! So this season was about... what? Never mind. We had our little fun, didn't we? Take it away one last time, The Amazing Steve.


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YAY!! 1000 comments! how appropriate it was you, Steve!

I have yet to read your recaps but I need to watch the finale first. Thank you, once again for taking your time to make this 24 experience more bearable and fun! Don't retire your pen typewriter keyboard just yet. We shall find another blog-worthy show to trash!

Unanswered Questions:
1. Is Stephen Root still in the wall panel?
2. Does anyone remember that Cole murdered two guys?
3. What can I watch in primetime TV-land to kill uppity brain cells next year?

I had more, but they made too much sense to worry about.

Posted by: Yanzlow | May 24, 2010 at 11:45 PM"

1) Yes
2) Cole didn't murder either one. After Dana's ex decided not to harrass her any more his partner shot him. As he went after Cole and Dana the ex shouted to to warn them. Cole shot him in self defense.
3)Just about anything thats on.

Let it be known that this man, Jack Bauer, is...

...the undisputed, all-time, All-American bad boy.
...the only man with the balls to try to kill everyone in Russia.
...the only man associated with the government to ever do anything.

And now he will be...the Hide-and-Seek World Champion from May 24, 2010 to the day he dies.

That is Jack Bauer.

This is my first comment after lurking in the weeds for over 2 seasons.

For a most entertaining season I just wanted to thank all the bloggers and bloggettes, Dave, T.A.S, Freckles, Chloe, PWP, Milton, Creepy Arlo before we knew about Dana, Bubba Gump, Handbag, Suvarov And The Bad Russian Accents (good rock band name?), The Rods, Starbuck, Creepy Arlo after we knew about Dana, President Sham, Kayla/Keilah/Kugel/Kahlua, Manilow, The ZZZZZ Process, The "First Exit off the Queensboro Bridge", Vladimir Lay-Tannin', Tarin the I'm not so sure I wanna be a suicide bomber, That kid with the bomb with the mother in that oxygen thingy, FPJ, Tim Woods, Fake NYC Streets, Kim, The EMP, Dr. Benton, Perimeters, The Isolated Swamplands of Queens NY, Dahhhlia, Pavel (I won't spill my guts but Jack might), Pillar that weasel and I am sure numerous more I cant think of right now.


I got my father hooked on this blog and he has pointed out to me that "24" should be winning multiple Emmy Awards this year, all under the category of COMEDY.

I will most definitely check in and maybe live blog next time around. Thanks again one and all for the wit and entertainment.

I suppose now my office can go back to meeting on Tuesdays since I wont be spending my mornings reading the blog :(
This will have THAT KIND of impact on all of our lives.

Take Care Everyone!


Amazing Steve, thanks for a million laughs, and I'm amazed by your speed, with especial thanks for the Lost Parody in one of the fictional seasons.

And whoever wanted Steve and Dave to write the 24 movie - would we go to a 24 Movie with a cohesive plat that made sense? What's to mock?

NurseCindy? That's really the first time I've ever been "hit on" by a nurse, so I can cross that off the ol' bucket list. Somehow, sadly, I expected to enjoy it more...;)

Steve, thanks again for your great recaps. They were the perfect end to a fun Monday night liveblog.

you have to see this!!


go online to this link. it is a 10 min film and a wrap up of all 8 seasons and the movie

I had to post to say THANKS for many years of enjoying the camaraderie and fun of reading the comments by Dave, The Amazing Steve and the rest of the 24 posters. (I can't start naming people because I will leave someone out!)

It made 24 so much more enjoyable and I will miss it and the blog terribly.

Thanks everyone!

Live Another Day!

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