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May 24, 2010

Here is where we stand:

Jack, having for various solid reasons killed or wounded two-thirds of the population of Manhattan, is now hunting Russian President Suvarov and also leaking about a quart of blood every 15 minutes. Jack is in turn being pursued by CTU under the command of Pillar, the henchperson of ex-President Dirtbag, who was captured by Jack last week and revealed, under interrogation, that he had pooped his drawers. Meanwhile the FBI took the Secret Video away from Meredith and has been ordered to give it to President Woman President, who is suffering from pangs of either conscience or intestinal flu; there is no way to tell which.

Chloe and Cole are also trying to find Jack. Edgar is still dead.

Tonight's two-hour special is the final episode, ending eight years of Jack Bauer's courageous efforts to find some way, against impossible odds, not to laugh out loud at the plot. It is a journey we have all taken together; a journey that has given us much to think about. We can honestly say that it has been an unmitigated pleasure, except when it sucked. Thanks to all of you for participating on this blog. And thanks especially to The Amazing Steve for his wonderful summaries. We don't know why you do it, T.A.S., but we strongly suspect drugs are very grateful.

And now it's time for our final scientific poll:

What was your favorite moment in all the eight seasons?
Terrorist frogpersons capturing the White House.
Jack getting addicted to heroin.
Chloe tasering the drunk in the bar.
The time that the perimeter actually succeeded in capturing a... No, wait, that never happened.
The Victoria's Secret Dream Angel Push-up Brassiere commercial.
Chloe shooting the machine gun.
The discovery that it is not necessary to refrigerate ketchup or mustard.
That time Jack shouted "DAMMIT!"
The ceremony observing the hiring of the 10,000th CTU mole.
The terrorist missile that flew from Iowa to Los Angeles at 14 miles per hour.
Renee cutting off that guy's thumb.
Renee emerging from the Potomac.
All the times Jack obtained voluntary confessions through the use of power tools.
Some other moment, which I will nominate in the comments (the blog comments, not the poll comments).
This is off-topic, but: It felt as though the last episode of "Lost" ran about 17 hours too long.
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UPDATE: Jack said he's eternally grateful. So maybe he's DEAD.

UPDATE: When two guys are aiming guns at each other and engaging in dialog, I always think, "If I were one of those guys, I would pull the trigger, before the other guy does." Does that make me a bad person? Never mind.

UPDATE: Nice product placement of the rearview-camera feature.

UPDATE: But we WANT to see Jack take Pillar apart piece by piece.

UPDATE: Jack has the power of Backseat Invisibility.

UPDATE: Jack Bauer does not need blood.

UPDATE: Or anesthetic.

UPDATE: "I am judge and jury. Now STEP BACK."

UPDATE: Here's the thing: Middle East peace treaties NEVER work anyway.

UPDATE: Whoa! President Woman President is insane! This is good!

UPDATE: Jack has one of those instant-on PCs that don't actually exist.

UPDATE: Somehow, Jack got inside the perimeter.

UPDATE: Nice to see Chloe with a gun again.

UPDATE: Jack choking Chloe! Hot.

UPDATE: Jack has a very large gun.

UPDATE: One hour down. Not a whole lot happened.

UPDATE: "The pipple of Russia."

UPDATE: So far today Jack has been stabbed twice and (I think) shot twice. At this rate he is eventually going to need medical attention.


UPDATE: I miss the rods.

UPDATE: Well, THIS is a neat and tidy ending.

UPDATE: Aw. Jack and Chloe.

UPDATE: So in conclusion: The Peace Process was NOT a big deal after all! So this season was about... what? Never mind. We had our little fun, didn't we? Take it away one last time, The Amazing Steve.


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Ta ta's for Jack ;(

Missed the show will catch it online cuz dumbmass me forgot to set the dvr.

Will miss you guys and our live blogging and most importantly, Dave's Updates and Steve's recaps!

Been a blast!! We gotta find some other crappy show to blog about.

Th-the-th-that's all, folks!

To Dave and the bloglits: Thanks for letting me participate in the "24" liveblog, guys. It's been really fun.

Now what am I gonna do with my Monday nights?

Anyone else notice the clock went backwards at the very end?

I feel like a squatter being forced to move.

Damn, steve, did you even watch the second hour?

Well, everyone, quoting what many people said last night about "Lost", it's been a great ride. It's been fun...and I'll miss this.

For now, until another non-"24" blog entry...I'm signing off to follow Jack into the sunset.

Goodbye, too, Sparky. I love ya, bro...and know you're in a better place...

*signing off*

Hey, here's a new show we *might* consider blogging
next fall...

CBS's remake of HAWAII FIVE-OH!

Can you picture...

McGarrett Has a personal grudge against Woa Wei Fatt, due to a long plane ride back to Hawaii on Aloha AirLines, due to excessive flatulence Fatt had.

McGarrett, on exiting the plane, told Fatt "I wish
you'd keep your smells to yourself." Fatt, who was
hard of hearing,, and hypersensitive, heard it as
"I fish your hells you elf" which he took as a personal insult, and vowed to kill McGarrett.

Thus two enemies are made, while the stewardess told them to take it outside.

McGarrett called Danny and told him "I think we have
a problem." Danny, who had been searching for
a certain Jonathan Higgins who owes Taxes and is
suspected in several tax scams, agrees. Danny doesn't realize McGarrett was talking about him.

Take it away, Amazing Steve....

(a suggestion) any thoughts anyone?

homey, Jeff, Andy, Cassie, Genn, dances, bon, cindy, Sharkie, Renee, t-dub, twoina, Al, henchman, Ford, funny, Dud, rockin, and any other regulars I've forgotten....I'm gonna miss you all. You have been my Mondays for more years than I can remember. Well, up to ten, anyway. You have made it a joy to be here. I hope y'all are serious about live blogging something else because I don't know what I'mma do wit'out all y'all. *sniff*

*sets up one last perimeter* DRINKS ARE ON ME!!

*raises a glass in a toast, to a man, a woman, and a taser*

Wait a minute....is George Mason still dead????

Wow, The Amazing. That was FAST.

Holy crap! Hour 191 is up on Page 9!

So what are we gonna watch next season?

Cheers Dave. Thanks for the memories.

I guess I can practice shooting thighs on my Monday nights.

Siouxie's wishing Jack, "Tatas"? OK, deal!

Oh! And here's to Siouxie - and her birthday! *raises the glass again*

And to top it off there's no Castle to take the sting away.

No model cop, darn. Yeaaaaaah. the only thing left.

HolyThighs, Amazing Steve! That was the fastest recap yet!

Diva, same here. I'll miss all of you. We've been through a lot! And so has Jack! We must meet again. Email me wherever you guys decide to meet to liveblog!

Andy, one last toast - to Sparky. May his heaven be filled with Chloes. :) *drains the glass*

Siouxsie! There you are...I was wondering where you were. And Cassie too.

Thanks, everybody! You all deserve a huge *SNORRRRRRRRK ASADA*

So yea, we certainly need to find a new show. we need to set a time and debate that issue.

So when is the 24 movie coming out? :D

Really, it's been fun. I would have given up on this show years ago if not for this blog and all of you people. You made this mess of a show not only watchable, but actually entertaining.

I'll see you guys at our ten year 24 reunion! Yeah we should totally have one. Otherwise, we can continue being internet friends

So where are these drinks, diva?

We could simply all show up next Monday night at 9/8c and squat on the blog. And blog on whatever anyone's/everyone's watching. And form a perimeter in case the blog objects to being squatted upon. NTTAWWTRBR

I'll be checking back frequently to find out what The New Show will be--this is too good a time to just fade away.


Twitter too! :)

And the Amazing Steve can still sum it all up! LOL.

Haiku, concluded.

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

At treaty signing,
Jack wants Yuri Suvar-offed
But first chokes Chloe.

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Taylor sees the light,
Scraps treaty, lets Jack escape.
Bye, Jack. It's been fun.

...and thanks to y'all for your attention. It's been a great run. Even when it sucked.



Very cool haiku,
Even cooler than the show,
But no cool as Jack.

So I came upstairs to return the laptop to its power cord, and what did I see? A piece of a special permit. The first line at the top of the page says "Perimeter and Transition". What could I possibly add to that?

Thanks, Diva ;)

dances...I um...didn't mean that.

www.facebook.com/deskdiva - I'll take y'all. :)

That would be surreal, Jenn! Though we might overload The Amazing Steve if we ask him to summarize an hour of 100+ channels of viewing. Though, like Jack in a Chinese prison, I suspect he would survive it. Prolly turn him a but surly though, so that wouldn't do, unless we buy him a lotta beer.

Do we really need a show to tear apart? I'm sure we could be sarcastic and witty all on our own.

Yeah, I know Siouxie. :-)

Amazing Steve are you taking bids cover other shows?

And, I said deal, you'll notice. Not dish. So I wasn't meaning anything personal-like. 'Cuz fer cryin' out loud, it's yer birfday!

'Sides, I hear tell there's plenty of those tata things on the innertubes, what can be found by careful searching. Like for "Barry Maniboobs".

What are they showing next Monday?

Next week it's The Good Guys.

dances, that's one FUGLY cameltoe!


they are rerunning episodes of "Lie To Me" and the
"Good Guys".

And its a hollarday!!!

Well there's ...
The Bachelorette
Lie To Me
SNL in The 2000s
One Tree Hill
Law & Order

I know ...
Antiques Roadshow!

I only saw the blog this year and am still amazed at the wit, cleverness, and downright funniness of all. Cheers.

Still working on it! Almost done!

Yeah, ain't it, Diva? Or mooseknuckle, or um, copacabana ...


Caption for the picture, dances: Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl...

Let me add my voice to the chorus of thanks to all my fellow bloggers for giving me something to look forward to every single Monday night for lo these many years...wait- there's someone in my house!! Ohhhh...Mrs. Rockin- forgot all about you!
*cue Marvin Gaye song*

We could liveblog "House." Goodness knows it needs some help these days. We could drink every time Thirteen is an obnoxious nosy witch, which should have us all good and bombed about four minutes into every episode.

I'll have to watch the show first and then get back to reading all of your posts and Steve's amazingly amazing recaps. For now, nite and sweet dreams to all ;P

We definitely need to find another show to blog. Keep me posted!

I just got hold of a leaked script for the 24 movie: They turn Jack loose on the BP oil slick. He cleans it up in 2 hours. With one Sham Wow.

*Snork* @ ... it has been a very naughty door

Mrs. President uses her Bene Gesserit voice ...

You've been reading the blog, haven't you, Steve? ;-)
You know, I think her eyes did get bluer, now that you mention it.

24? 24 what, commercials per half hour?

So, Dana shoved Bill
Prady into a plot hole
Too deep to be found

I second the call to liveblog "House." It's on Monday nights...

Do I know how to kill a party, or what?

Poor Lola, rockin! Looks like she could use a bicycle.

"His name was Manboob. He wore a 'knuckle."

Posting in a couple minutes. I swear!

Arrrrh! Apparently ye do, PBoy!

Take your time, Steve. We've got like, forever.

Previously on "24" – JUST HAPPENED! PAY ATTENTION!

3:00 pm – Suvarov makes a heartfelt speech about the peace agreement. Dahlia gives him a look at that makes it seems she'd like to feel his heart personally. Suvarov notices that Dahlia isn't her normal, chipper self. Mrs. President tells him that they've all been awake for more than 23 hours now, and that really wears on a person.

Suvarov realizes this is a lie, questions Mrs. President about this. She tells him all about Meredith. Suvarov says that he thinks Mrs. President must have threatened to pull America Idol off the air before the final show, because Dahlia is still at the negotiating table.

His assistant interrupts to tell him Logan is calling. Suvarov rolls his eyes as if to say "Not THIS guy again!", but takes the call. Logan insists on talking to him in person in his suite. Suvarov doesn't like this idea until Logan tells him that someone has either sprung a leak, or taken a leak, and it's in his delegation. Suvarov adjusts his Depends, and hoping to keep his secret, agrees to see Logan.

Logan talks to Jack, while contemplating how he fell for the old "Never Be A President On 24 And Stand In Front Of A Big Glass Window" trick. Jack tells Logan to sit down.

Chloe wakes up and tries to convince Jack that if CTU comes up, there will likely be a lot of shooting, and she's really hoping to be on any "24" movies that might come along in the next few years.

Meanwhile, Logan sits at his desk, his arms outstretched, trying to do his best Richard Nixon impression.

Chloe's phone doesn't answer. Cole paces back and forth, wondering what to do in a very Billy Rosewood sort of way. Cole finally makes a call to the tactical team, and tells them to go after Jack!

3:05 pm – Chloe continues to try to talk Jack out of shooting anyone. She finally tells him that Renee wouldn't want Jack dishonoring her memory by shooting Suvarov.

Suvarov enters the room with Logan. Logan doesn't say a thing, which for once, you'd think Suvarov would like. Suvarov doesn't understand why Logan isn’t saying anything, and asks if he's on Candid Camera.

Chloe's arguments finally get through to Jack, who makes her promise that no matter what happens, she'll be a reference for him on his next acting job. She agrees.

Logan covers up his allegations with Suvarov. Suvarov calls him a dipstick in Russian, and leaves. Logan practically runs out of the room.

3:08 pm – Jack gives Chloe a gun, and orders her to shoot him. They argue back and forth until Jack points the gun at his own head. She starts to laugh, and Jack says that this all sounds like a setup for a bad joke. Jack yells a lot and Chloe finally shoots him. He goes down like a Sack of Jack.

The tactical team breaks into the room. One of the agents asks what happened. Chloe tells him that Jack pulled a gun on her, and she shot him first. The agent, not realizing how ridiculous this is, believes her.


3:15 pm – Cole gets a call from Chloe. She tells him that Jack gave her a bloody SIM card and that they need to get a bloody SIM card reader to upload the information to Arlo so they can post it on the internet as soon as possible. She informs Cole that EMTs are working on Jack. Cole tells her that he's worried about the computers in the area, and she tells him EM*T* not EM*P*. Jack is on a gurney. She sees that Jack is barely awake, which for normal people is on full alert.

Chloe starts to go downstairs to hand the SIM card off when she's confronted by the same agent that believed her story before. He tells her that Jason wants to talk to her. She tries to blow this off, but the agent is very, very insistent that she be held there. So insistent in fact, that it appears he just wants to spend more time with her. He threatens to call the White House. That finally convinces Chloe that she'd rather take her chances with Jason.

3:17 pm – Chloe goes to another room, where Jack has been wheeled. She sees Jack still making winking and blinking signs at her, but she isn't able to read the Morse Code in time before Jason arrives. Jason flashes his high school medal again, and people get out of his way, as usual.

Jason's on the phone with Logan. Logan explains that Jack has somehow, probably using some new-fangled "giant record player technology", recorded everything Logan has been saying for the last couple of hours, minus all the whining, which would then total 30 seconds. But that 30 seconds was the part that implicated everyone and their mother in the death of Hasan. Logan reminds Jason that he's on the hook for everything that's been going on too, so it's really important they get that recording from Jack. Jason promises to get the recording.

Jason enters the room where Jack is, and sees the phone Jack was using. He also gets his own phone back. He realizes that the phone is much too tiny to hold the giant record Logan was babbling about, so it must be that SIM card technology he's heard so much about. Except that it's missing. Not aware of the recent development in Russian Mobster SIM Card Holder technology, Jason doesn't realize the card might have been swallowed, so he orders the agents to continue to search the area for the card.

Jason asks Chloe what happened. Chloe tells him that she shot Jack before he had the chance to shoot her, and HE BELIEVES IT TOO! Jason tells her that Jack had a data card, and that he's going to search her for it. Jason searches Chloe, which ordinarily would have resulted in about a billion taser hits, but since she wants to get the heck out of there, she lets him search her. He doesn't find anything. She tell him that she hopes he got his jollies doing that. Jack is awake enough to witness this, but doesn't spring into action yet. He continues to gather as much oxygen as he can (through the mask the EMTs put on him), just in case he has to hold his breath for several hours.

Chloe leaves, and replaces the data card into her handset.

3:20 pm – Jack wakes up a bit, and Jason starts to question him about the data card. Jack continues to act dazed. Jason says that he's headed down to the mobile CTU facility to find out about that SIM. Jack realizes he needs to buy Chloe some time so he starts mumbling things about pushing the button and how he wish people believed him. Jack acts like he wants to tell Jason something, and beckons him over. Jason leans down, and that's when Jack decides to follow McGruff's advice and he takes a bite out of crime. Also a bite out of Jason's ear.

Jason screams. Jack spits out Jason pieces, which were about as bitter as Jack expected. Jason orders people to go after Chloe.

Chloe starts to upload the data to CTU when agents enter the room to stop her. Cole tries to interrupt them by telling them he was a star in the Scooby Doo movie, and that he'd be happy to sign autographs. That doesn't go over very well.

They pull the plug on Chloe's transmission just as it was ending. The agent, Burke, calls Jason to tell him he has the SIM card. Jason orders fries, a milk shake, and Cole and Chloe taken to CTU lockdown. He also orders Burke to take the SIM card to ex-President Logan.


3:30 pm – Logan goes in to see Mrs. President. He gives her the SIM card which was already delivered to him via Federal Agent Express.

Logan tells Mrs. President that Chloe was attempting to upload to all the message boards and internet chat rooms that she could, but she was stopped. Mrs. President wants to know where Jack is.

Logan tells her that Jack is currently being transported by heavy guards. Or under heavy guard. Something like that. Logan points out that Jack Bauer being alive is a big problem. No matter where Jack ends up, he'll come after them all.

Logan tells her that he's got a plan to get rid of Jack, and since she hasn't said anything, he'll take that as approval of what happened. What he doesn't realize is the reason she's silent is that she's trying hard not to throw up while listening to him babble. Logan leaves to carry out his plan.

3:32 pm – Mrs. President puts the card into her computer, and starts to listen to Jack's recording to Kim and to the world about what's happened. She takes a phone call about the peace treaty, which is just about to happen, followed by cake and cookies.

She listens to the rest of Jack's recording in which he says that a peace obtained the way they've done it won't last. She seems to take this to heart. It could also be residual queasiness from talking to Logan.

3:35 pm – Jason tells Logan that Jack is being "taken care of". Logan tells Jason he did a good job. Jason says, "What? What??" Logan tells him again, this time in his non-eaten ear.

Mrs. President leaves her room, in time to hear Logan say, "Good luck, Madam President". She rushes to the elevator so she doesn't throw up for real this time.

3:37 pm – Back in Logan's suite, he and Jason start to celebrate their good fortune of getting away from Jack Bauer, alive. Jason resembles a half-Vorta with that bandage on his head, but that doesn't seem to bother him. Logan seems to think he's got some political capital with Mrs. President now.

3:39 pm – Down in the signing room, it's Dahlia's turn to look like she's going to throw up. She really doesn't want to be there.

Mrs. President, and there's applause, because the show is nearly over, and they can get on to other acting jobs.

The UN leader makes a speech that most people don't pay attention to, simply out of habit. Suvarov signs, then Dahlia. Mrs. President goes to sign the treaty, but can't bring herself to do it, much to everyone's surprise. Suvarov realizes what is about to happen, and tries to stop her by offering her some vodka. It doesn't work.

Mrs. President goes to the podium and tells them all that she's not going to sign because there have been some bad things happening today. Mostly the acting.

She leaves the room and orders Tim to make a call to Jack's medical transport before someone ambushes it.

3:41 pm – It turns out that either someone ambushed Jack's medical transport, or Jack ambushed it himself, because it's now sitting on it's side acting more like a giant medical paperweight. Jack drags himself out of the truck, only to be surrounded by three men.

Tim gets the call… they didn't get to Jack in time. He's been taken. Mrs. President lets out a grunt. (That's some fancy acting!)

3:42 pm – The UN leader appears in the press room at the UN, and makes a speech about how he's still completely relevant, despite what just happened. Also, Mrs. President didn't sign the treaty.

Logan sees his on television and wets himself. The phone in Logan's suite rings. He and Jason don't answer right away. Jason points out that no matter what happens, they're in deep doo doo.

Logan finally agrees and tells Jason to answer the phone. Jason picks up the phone and tries to disguise his voice, saying "Wrong number!", but they're on to him. While Jason is doing this, Logan picks up a heavy decanter and smashes Jason in the back of the head! Then he grabs Jason's gun and a pillow and shoots the pillow! He realizes too late that Jason's head was under the pillow, so now Jason's dead.

Mrs. President and the Agents (which would make a good name for a rock band) are about the break down the door when they hear a gunshot. As Mrs. President is escorted away she yells to Agent Tim, "I need Logan alive!"


3:51 pm – EMTs are already working on Logan when Mrs. President walks into the room. Agent Tim explains that even if Logan recovers it is likely he'll have suffered brain damage. She looks perplexed, and he goes on to explain that he means "even more brain damage than before".

She orders Chloe and Cole released, but Tim already released them. Chloe, in her first order of business is to arrest Eden, Jason's ex-chort, which she seems to take great relish.

Only Arlo, Chloe and Cole are left at CTU, since they ordered everyone else out. They continue to try and watch for Jack.

They find him on New York's extensive camera network within three seconds.

3:55 pm – Jack is ordered to his knees. The guy who is about to shoot Jack tells him it's going to be quick and clean. Jack doesn't see it that way… Jack tries to take him out with both hands tied behind his back. Jack is just about to be shot when the phone rings. It's Mrs. President. She orders them to stop trying to kill Jack. They leave before Jack kills them all by looking at them with his Jack Vision.

Mrs. President tells Jack that she told everyone what happened today, and she's about to resign. Jack tells her that she's really only going to be president for a couple more minutes, because the series is nearly over.

She tells him that he better leave, because the Russians are going to be after him and so will the US. She apologizes to Jack and hangs up. If Jack was feeling better he would have been mad about being hung up on.

3:59 pm – Jack calls Chloe to make her promise that Kim and her family are kept safe. He thanks Chloe for watching his back all these years. Chloe cries, and tells Arlo to return the drone to base. Her final words: "Shut it down".

4:00 pm – TIME'S UP!

That's it. The end of "24".

I want to thank everyone who read these summaries. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Thanks to my friend John who took a look at nearly all of the summaries I posted (even the two fake seasons I wrote) and fixed many mistakes I made while writing.

Thanks most of all to Dave, for playing along all this time with all this "24" summary stuff I've been posting.

It's been a lot of fun.


Bill Prady is gone.
But his lingering aura
Is always with you.

*SMACKS* PirateBoy. Y'all have no idea how much these Monday nights have meant to me. I'll still be here daily reading and commenting on the blog but I will really miss our 24 live blogging. I feel like you are all friends. And Amazing Steve? Your recaps have always been wonderful and truly amazing. Thanks everyone for all the laughs.

Unanswered Questions:
1. Is Stephen Root still in the wall panel?
2. Does anyone remember that Cole murdered two guys?
3. What can I watch in primetime TV-land to kill uppity brain cells next year?

I had more, but they made too much sense to worry about.

Thanks Dave, Steve, and the 24 bloggers for making me realize it's OK to enjoy watching horrible television from time to time :) Oh and Dave, please feel free to post Dead Edgar photos on the blog randomly as we stumble through a post-24 world. If you don't, there'll be one less thing in the world that can make me shoot various liquids out of my nose, and nobody wants that.

I'm so sad. Not about the end of 24, but the end of the Monday night 24 blogging. Thanks, everyone, for all the entertainment!

I've only joined in on the last two episodes, but I can tell I've missed a whole lotta fun.

And nearly a THOUSAND comments!

Cue heartbeat ...


... end of a phenomenon!

Thanks, Steve! Thanks, Dave!

Steve- you KILLED tonight, as usual. Thank you so much for all the brilliant work!

If the producers of 24: The Movie have a lick of sense (and I'm not saying that they do) they'll hire Steve and Dave to write the script.

Maybe Dave will pickup with Burn Notice. It is set in Miami and the plots are as funny as 24.

As Jack walked off alone at the end of the show, why do I get the feeling he was looking for a bathroom? It has been awhile.

Just had to send a comment after all these years of watching and then checking the blog and occasionally contributing. Thanks for, you know, the effort. It made the show that much more enjoyable (especially the last 3 seasons, SHEESH!!). I loved the show from the beginning and turned a lot of friends on to it, and feel like you all were friends, too, who I could check up on the next day for your comments and thoughts. I'm sure Al Gore never thought of how he could bring people together in a community like this when he was inventing the Internet. Long live JACK BAUER!!!

Been watching 24 since Season 5. It was Dave's blog that made me tune in and I have never regretted it. I will miss this, hope we find a new show to snark on. And of course, when the film comes out, we should find a way to live blog it - synchronize our watches or something.

Night. It's been fun.

I forgot to add my thanks to Dave for starting this blog. I forgive all the Manilow pictures and your comments made it the best. I would also like for him to know that I have a brand new stratocaster guitar that I bought today and a new amp. If the RBR's ever need a really bad guitar player, and you are in N.C., let me know. I know 5 chords. One of which is the difficult C chord. I can also play 'Wild Thing' by The Troggs.

Thanks, Steve. Loved:

Jack starts to tell him about the time when he was performing spinal surgery, made a mistake, and then had to count to five to … then he realizes that was a different Jack, and it wasn't him.

Mrs. President says that'll be a little hard because they're keeping Meredith locked up in a small room in another dimension – and then corrects herself when she realizes that was another season finale last week..

Chloe enters the building where Jack is hiding after showing her Quizno's card to a guard.

Logan talks to Jack, while contemplating how he fell for the old "Never Be A President On 24 And Stand In Front Of A Big Glass Window" trick.

Exactly! Didn't he learn anything from President Allstate?

Chloe tells him that Jack pulled a gun on her, and she shot him first. The agent, not realizing how ridiculous this is, believes her.

That's exactly what I thought, Steve! Right - she shot first while Jack just stood there with his gun pointed at her? Who'd believe that?

Steve, as usual you made the incomprehensible almost understandable. Nice.

And to everyone else, your (not you're) comments made all this ijnsanity worthwhile. Dave, you don't know how many people have told me they would have quit watching this crap 24 years ago but for the blog. (In fact, a stranger told me that on the subway last week.)

Anyway, whatever show you choose (other than CSI: Miami) I'll be there.


Only 20 more comments needed for an even 1000. How about it?

Did anyone else imagine that Jack Bauer would have eventually been saved by the efficiency of a guy named Tim? (Not "The Enchanted.")

How many more comments do we need to get to 1,000 now?

What I want to see is 24: The Next Day, when the CTU cleaning crew finds Milton & his stapler in the wall. The Eastern European cleaners will just shrug and put the body in a bag with the rest of the trash.

Just finished The Amazing Steve's recap of second hour. Thank you, T.A.S.!

Thank you, Dave, all my blog buddies, and TAS for all the fun and laughter. And drinks. Human Target, anyone?

Dave Barry Blog for hire. The Amazing Steve included.
Will increase viewership of any television show.
Price negotiable in adult beverages.

Jack seems to have a poisonous penis, every woman he touches ends up dead.

In concussion conclusion, the Moral Of The Story would be ...

Swapping the soul-baring letter to your sweetheart and the irate citizen's complaint to the editor is what will save the world? Or possibly the perfect egg salad Garfield ScoobySnack lasagna recipe.

I vote for "V" as the next show to blog. It's fun and melodramatique.

This was fun everybody, who knew Mystery Science Theatre had started such a great trend??

Thanks, Steve.

Gennita, Human Target is a definite choice.

Steve: Thanks for the great recaps, & don't YOU disappear like jack!

let us know where your amaziness will continue...

Thanks, Steve, and to all the witty bloglits out there. I'll miss this; I wish I had found it years earlier. I hope there's a new show to discuss (diss- cuss?).

What will I miss more...'24', or The Amazing Steve's recap's of '24'?

It's close. Thank you, Steve.

Wish I had found this blog when I first started watching 24. This has made the last two years much better, I look forward to Tuesday morning more than I looked forward to the show on Monday. thank you Dave and all the really "strange" oops, nice people who have kept this alive.
Ken R.
Arlington Texas

Thanks, everyone!

Belated thanks for all the fine work, Amazingly Fast Steve, and yet another swell job on the final episode. Hope we will get to see more of your work at some point.

Hmm. Maybe they were in purgatory after all.

'999 bottles of beer comments on the wall...'

Boom. 1000.

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