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May 21, 2010


Obama had just begun an afternoon statement to reporters lauding the end of a Senate filibuster on his financial overhaul plan when some kind of rodent — opinions differ on which — dashed out of the bushes to his right, just outside the Oval Office.

(Thanks to Phil)


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Dick may have taken care of it, but a reporter or two might have been shot!

There's a mole in the White House! What are the chances!

NotSherly FTW!

It came from a BUSH. Hmmmm......

Of course! It's Bush's fault.


I say, send the rat to Congress.

First the Salahis, now this.

Please, people. It's a Rodent American.

Was it from the frogmen coming up from underneath?

Moreover, rodents of all kinds are pretty common in Washington

Well, duh.

That doesn't look like a rat; it doesn't have a long enough tail. It must be a vole.

I agree, Guin. It's a vole.

Growing up in the DC area, my cat would routinely leave them for us on our front step.

I wonder if it is Vance or Violet, They might have escaped.

It's Rahm Emanuel. Geesh.

Joe Biden will do anything for attention. President Obama reacted a lot better than I would have. I would have jumped up and down and screamed at the Secret Service to kill it! That's probably why I'm not President.

It's probably Sasha's pet. I hear they call it "Logan"...


Rahm is a vole? That explains a lot...

20th Century Vole.


I say, send the rat to Congress.

Siouxie, there are animal cruelty laws in this country.

A mole in the White House? SET UP A PERIMETER!!

And I agree that it's a vole.

True dat, Layzee butt...it will be amongst his kin.

I heard that they served Mexican mole at the State dinner. Mayhaps one got away?

It's a Montauk Mouser!

Not a mole nor a vole,
It was Dick Cheney's soul!
Escaped from its hole
But still black as coal.

I thought we saw the last of Karl Rove...

Lemmesee, what rhymes with "Rove"....?

I was thinking Robert Gibbs, but Rahm Emanuel is a good guess too.

Rahm. Put your clothes back on.

I blame the Republicans.

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