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May 03, 2010


Here is where we stand:

Last week Jack recruited Agent Freddie Prinze Jr. to the Rogue Team. They are now on their way to the safe house containing Agent Dana Walsh, where Jack intends to interview her regarding the role of the Russians in the whacking of Renee. Agent Walsh is currently being waterboarded by henchpersons working for President Woman President, who, at the urging of disgraced ex-President Complete Handbag, has gone over to the Dark Side to save the all-important Peace Procezzzzzzzzzz.

Edgar is still dead.

I will not be joining you tonight, as I'm starting the tour for my new book, which by the way is for sale so please buy it.

TRUE FACT: Several thousand times, I've had the following experience. A person will say to me: "Where can I buy your books?" This always strikes me as an odd question, but I try not to betray this in my facial expression as I answer: "In a bookstore." The person often seems surprised to learn this, as if he or she is thinking: "Huh! So THAT's what goes on in bookstores!"

Anyway, because of the book tour I won't be blogging 24 tonight or next week. So I will be counting on you folks to keep track of things down in the comments section. And of course we will all rely on The Amazing Steve to explain the plot to us afterward.

Meanwhile, here's a scientific poll:

What do you think will happen to President Woman President?
She will see the error of her ways and become good again.
She will remain evil.
She will actually have sex with ex-President Handbag.
Remember ex-President Handbag's ex-wife Martha? She was hot in a cougarish way.
I am still pondering the ketchup-refrigeration question from last week.
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There is no bullet wastage in this scene!

They're playing Halo 3's VIP scenario. ROFL

Don't ever, ever tell Jack he won't take the shot.

You'd think this would be Rule One.

Well, that was our action for the episode. Anything else is a bonus. ;)

We definitely need to find another bad series to blog.

Whoa. Jack's kill count is climbing fast.s

Har, Bryan!

tropichunt- it's madd ninja skillz, just so u know.

That guy has the same haircut as Dave.

Jack a warlock ? Jack versus Iamtomriddle next year.

Why is he rescuing Dana?
Posted by: nursecindy

So he can kill her like Nina.

Are they going to escape in a black Nissan Pathfinder with tinted windows?

Actually, Rule One of gun safety is: All guns are loaded.

Rule Two is: Never point a gun at Jack Bauer or anyone he's concerned about. Or else Jack will frak you up.

Hm. What other series is truly this bad? It's a quest!!

emj: Thanks for the correction. The show was putting me to sleep.

Thanks Cassie. I thought so.

Now Cole can have that heart-to-heart with Dana.

"Can I talk to ONE person who is not a mole taoday?!?!"

Well he's got to pass 50 kill like he did in Season 6.

Jack Bauer Kills :-D

9 minutes of Jack Kills.

"Actually he was never in custody of CTU but let's not split hairs."

NO CHLOE!!! She's gone to the Dark Side! Come back to the Light, Chloe!!!

send dana under the table!

The next series choice will make a good scientific poll.

Dana, so young and soooo cynical

Cassie, that might just get me through the rest of the season.

We could live blog CSI: Miami.

Do the Nina strangle.

Even DANA's telling Jack he won't shoot!

Wow. I bet when Bauer tells kids he'll pull the car over if they don't shutup, he'll actually !

Oh, yes. Horatio Caine...

i don't think u understand, tropichunt, i'm in middle school, des ma job.

Waterboarding, meh! Sticking a gun to her throat and counting down from 3, THAT'S how you get information!

Shoot, Jack. Please. Shoot him.

Here's that heart to heart!

"This isn't about the truth, Cole; this is about revenge."

And, so? I don't have a problem with that. Do you?

cindy, that might actually be just as bad in its own way. The sunglasses are such a character in their own right they need a credit of their own.

OH God, Cole is now saying "damn it."

Programming complete.

We like revenge. :) It's violent when Jack does it.

I vote that as well, Cindy. I love Fellatio Caine, especially those openers.

pwned by a middle schooler, tropic!! ;D

Well, that was lostt of opportunity of a nice long male kiss between the two.

There's something creepy about Madame Iranistani President's smile. Wonder if somebody slipped her the same sort of drugs Kimmy was apparently on for the first couple of seasons...?

OOOOHHHHH Shiiiiiiiittttttt says Ms pres

Meanwhile, Mrs. Hassan has been talking nonstop for the last twenty minutes...

President Woman President, Jack is coming for you

"Stormed the safe house."

I like the sound of that.

I predict that the show will end with a lightsaber duel between Madam Woman President and Jack, set to John Williams music.

I vote that as well, Cindy. I love Fellatio Caine, especially those openers.

Posted by: MartiniShark | May 03, 2010 at 09:23 PM


Handbag needs another stabbing ASAP

Dave and Siouxie could give some inside info on Miami if we did that one.

"I'm just going to talk about super secret plans on this wonderful, non-secure Sprint phone."

Thinking was never your strength, Charles.

Thinking? They do thinking on this show??

Except there was less storming and more sneaking.

Have fun storming the safe house!

Oh good, another mole in CTU

Hey, I have an idea, let's plant a MOLE at CTU!

Well, the "Fellatio Caine" moniker certainly fits; David Caruso is a real pri...oh, wait.

Remember Jack is immune to iocane, Sentex and everything else.

How the hell can she even think of trusting Handbag.

We could practice blog it tonight after 24. ;-)

u win, tropichunt, thats jst so much cooler than Jack walkin off into da sunset 4 da 8th time.

Who knew that power would make Chloe stoopid.

(Sorry there, Diva)

The best way to get a new job is when you HAVE a job...

Whew, they're showing their panic through some wooden dialogue.

So what's the MacGuffin now? I liked the RODS.

(No you're not, Sharkie. :D)

We could torture ourselves and shoot ourselves in the thigh after the season is over?

I liked the Dr Pepper/Ironman add. Tonights not a total waste.

You are WRONG, Cassie. The MacGuffin is Dana all along.

*sigh* Genn, I might just have to do that - I MAY be diabetic. >< I see my doc about it this week.

I actually know a friend who works the Chanel store in Miami and Caruso comes in there often. She says he's an even bigger (choose preferred body part) in person.

Oh no, Diva! I hope not. *hugs When would you know for sure?

Sharkie, I've heard that. I have no respect for the guy after all the crap he pulled in the 90s with regard to NYPD Blue, but I love the character he plays.

HOw about instead of finding a new show, we just do 24 again. Start from the beginning. everyone get some DVDs!

I guess what I'm saying is, I miss Marwan.

(not sorry for the comment, but for your keyboard)

Then we need MacGruber to kill the MacGuffin, Gennita. ;)

I'll bet Hastings is grinning with satisfaction as he watches this on TV!

I like that idea, homeybeef. Start with season one and go from there...

The MacGuffin is the benign indifference of the universe. I think.

Genn, I'll find out Thursday. All I know right now is that we have to "discuss" it. Thanks. :)

Me too, homey. Me, too.

I'm going to die if I have to watch Cougar Kim in her cheerleader outfit again.

(heh. at least this time it wasn't chocolate milk. computers don't LIKE chocolate milk.)

Jack definitely done burned him some bridges tonight...

Even my daughter and I crack on Caruso's cornball openers. "This was no disco -- it was a dance of death.

IIRC, the traditional Roman punishment for treason was to sew the miscreant up in a sack with a couple of weasels and pitch 'em into the Tiber.

So all Jack needs for a proper finale is a big sack, Madame President, Handbag, Arlo and access to the East River, and this season might be salvaged...

I definitely wouldn't give up a chance to make fun of David Caruso. Twit thy name is David.

Cassie, the nice thing with DVDs is the >> button!

I hope you get good news Diva. Sharkie can't blog CSI: Miami because it's on past his bedtime.

I'm still waiting for the Chinese subplot to show up again.

Why not Nina?

Is an attache an asset? Or is it an asset to have an attache? o-O

i wuld say we shuld blog Bones but its 2 gud 2 type while watching. :'(

Impossible to intercept, unless you're Chloe. Of course, being head of CTu might have killed her ability.

Diva, that's a lot of fast forwarding. LOL

Starbuck dries up well...

Does jack REALLY have to tell him not to trust Dana? I mean really now . . .

Thanks, cindy. :) My therapist (sadist that she is) kinda hopes it IS diabetes because then maybe I'll make some of the changes I've resisted for a long, long time. :(

cole is a dope

Diplomatic immunity doesn't faze Jack. He's still going to shoot you.

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