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April 23, 2010


...hard at work.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Heh, heh, heh, "hard!"

How else were they supposed to measure the effects of the stimulus?

"A regional office staff accountant tried to access pornographic websites nearly 1,800 times, using her SEC laptop during a two-week period. She also had about 600 pornographic images saved on her laptop hard drive."

Girls like porn? ACCOUNTANT girls!?

Um, what kind?

Whoa! Check out those derivatives! Not subprime at all! Oh, man, that is some fine collateral....

What? This is wrong?

Hey, I got your hard drive right here.

hey, at least they weren't spending $2000 of taxpayer money for one night at an S&M club. That we know of.

She was searching for "golden parachute" and got "golden shower" instead. I Pee OH!

We had a filter on our Internet at work that was fierce. At the same time that we were issued digital cameras for evidence, the computer filters banned all photographic applications. I had to search for festival information, all work related, and the filter gave a big, "NO!" and wouldn't allow it.
How the heck does the federal government allow this stuff?
By the way, it took me all of twenty minutes to figure a way around the filter on the festival stuff.

Girls like porn? ACCOUNTANT girls!?

Um, what kind?


yes. we. do.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to just tell government employees that if they watch porn during work hours they will be fired? I'm sure none of the blog guys would do that.

We're not supposed to do that?
I read that memo all wrong then!

It's not porn. It's fabric-free entertainment.

How to apply for a job at the SEC.


Fabric free entertainment? bonmot must be a lawyer.

What's the problem?

this explains the economy.
we have a filter on our website too. i work for NYS govt. well, right now i'm on break.
but i cant get into 'i can has cheesburger'. its blocked. bummer. no cute pix of kittehs.
we cant open any games or jokes sites either.
and i cant read anything about housing - because our filter says its real estate, even tho one of our areas is housing for poor folk.
that made sense...

Right you are, nc!

Presumin' that the female mentioned took eight hours/day for bein' " ... preoccupied with other distractions." one can calculate that she "linked" a forbidden site 7.5 times per hour in the other 16 hours in any given day ...

... um ... Siouxie? Why['n'tcha post a few of yer favorite links for us ... merely for research purposes, of course ...

Bonmot, I like "fabric-free entertainment"

Further calculation (I won't bore y'all with the actual number crunchin' process) leads to the assumption that -- based on each "banned" link lastin' an average of seven minutes -- that the $99,000/annum lowest pay scale cited would translate into an hourly pay rate (for actual work done in the interests of the employer -- Us, if y'all missed that part) of $1,500/hour ...

That sound more like a lawyer than an accountant, IMHO ...

I wish I made $1,500.00 an hour!

Hehehe...you said hard

Jeff -- so does Allen at Division.

lower their pay, if that don't stop them, lower them out the door. if they go somewhere's else with the same problem, lower them down the road (send them out of the country)


Well, someone's got to make sure our p0rn meets government inspection standards.

and if out of the country they still persist, cook all their meat in barely washed pans. If they still clog up space, send to poor countries to feed the poor.

Who woulda figgered Siouxie for an accountant?

mtb, they are doing a heck of a job. Good work. Give all the RBR groupies a hug for me tonight and tell them I said hello. That includes Jeff.

Well, someone's got to make sure our p0rn meets government inspection standards.

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | April 23, 2010 at 03:56 PM

-Certified USDA Prime Stuff-

she said That!

car or steak?

still to poor for italics.

Doesn't SEC stand for Sex Education Curriculum?

Hey, if the country's getting screwed you may as well make sure it's done properly.

I don't believe - well, actually I do - I get to use the same two words within days. Money shot - well within their jurisdicktion.

Good to see that the SEC has so much free time on their hands, so to speak, at work...and that they don't have anything better to do.

This evening on my way home, I was listening to Mark Levin's radio show. Levin played a clip of Congressman Barney Frank (!) trying to blame the wanking SEC people on a "bureaucratic culture" put in place by the Bush (again, !) Administration or something.

Gawd, the dirty jokes just write themselves...

The curious thing about this story is that this is seriously old news, which is being stirred up by California Representative Darrell ("I cried when Arnold Schwarzenegger stole my recall election from me") Issa for his own political purposes.

Yeah, these clowns were completely asleep at the switch when it came to oversight of the securities industry and deserve to have their bottoms metaphorically paddled in public but still. . .

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