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April 16, 2010


24's Annie Wersching: Renee's Death Will Make Jack Spiral Out of Control

(Thanks to funnyman, who asks, "How will we tell?")

Update: Apparently it has already started.

(Thanks to Trent and bonmot)


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She calls him a "tragic hero" in the second last question. Drawing on my vast expertise as a former high school English student, a "tragic" hero is one who dies at the end. Foreshadowing?

And he got Annie pregnant, too!

Poor Jack. And so begins the end of Bauer.

Five glases of wine in two hours? PFFFFT Amateur.

BTW *SNORK* @ The Sun's headline.

Yeah, really. Only 5 glasses? Try drinking a box-0-wine in a couple of hours.

I can't see the headline, Layzee. Damn nannybot.

Siouxie, the headline reads:

The following takes place between 10:40 pm and 11:50 am

Let's hope one of those he "goes rogue" on is Dana.

LOL hah...funny headline!

I thought the same thing Siouxie and Layzee. Amateur. Dad Donald must be so proud although I probably would have fought them too if they were trying to pour me into a motor. Is that British for car?

His new film Twelve. Tagline: Only half as bad as 24.

Let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was drowning his sorrows at Renee's untimely demise?

We've been watching MI-5 (original British title: Spooks). All I can say is, one hour of that is better than the entire season of 24 - but then, that's not much of an accomplishment I agree.

Believe me, if it runs where you live, check it out.

/end commercial

Maybe Renee's not "really" dead--maybe she's only "Tony" dead!

oh man this is sad. get help please.

At least he wasn't wearing a dress. That would have been bad.

And what the heck is Hastings doing there - wasn't he shown the door?

Hastings has set up a perimeter around Jack's neck.

Of course Jack escaped.

"Dammit, Jack, jes gimme a part in yer movie!! SECURITY!!!"

Yes, MI-5 is an excellent show--just don't get too attached to the characters. Oh, wait--I'm talking to the "24" bloggers...never mind.

Also, anyone who thinks Jack's baby is going to wait 9 months to escape from her "perimeter" needs to start another box o' wine...

Clearly, he's been playing the "24" drinking game here on the blog. 'Fess up -- which one of you is Jack?

Love the headline. Simply beautiful.

Looks like they're giving Keifer noogies.

Less than a week since Jack boinked Renee and she already has a baby bump. I gotta say it:


...Seriously, did anybody note that the "sober" pick of Sutherland the Sun ran for comparison makes him look like one of the tasered Sheep on Meth from the blogpost earlier in the week?

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