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April 26, 2010


As far as this blog is concerned, this man is a hero.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan and funnyman)

Update: Hey! We can send them to England!

(Thanks to DavCat)


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The Plague Squirrels WBAGNFA SyFy Channel movie of the week.

The town of Castle Rock (not Maine), squirrels, and Plague. Stephen King is plotting out a new novel.

How many squirrels could a squirrel slaughterer slaughter if a squirrel slaughterer is named slaughter?

Pretty cool nickname, Mark "Squirrel Slaughterer" Slaughter.

Jeff, to be a SyFy movie of the week the aforementioned Plague Squirrels would need some other for of menace.
How about Plague Squirrels versus Giant Octopus? No.
What about Plague Squirrels versus Mega Shark? No.
Here we go: Plague Squirrels versus the Aerial Wombats!™ ® Now that's a SyFy channel winner.

Bambi Meets the Giant Piranha Squirrels in 3D?

Squirrel versus Labrador Retriever That's Faster Than it Looks.

Slaughter House Squirrels vs Alien Cannibals

I won't post a link to this photo essay about the Squirrel Whisperer, because, unlike Jennifer Love Hewitt, she doesn't talk to dead squirrels. Also, JLH has some nice puppies.

Speaking of animal whisperers....

Accordin' to whut I thot I understood (?) in that article, New Jersey has a law that requires people to feed animals ... domestic or wild ...

One more reason to never visit New Jersey ... and one more sign that the apocalypse is upon us ...

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