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April 05, 2010


You're talking strip club in a mobile home.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Meh, trailer trash..

What, this is wrong?

This is just WRONG on so many levels!

"She was released from the Chesterfield County Detention Center on a personal recognizance bond."

And went home with $250 more than she went in with.

She needs to move up to a strip mall.

I wonder if she was a double-wide.

South Carolina. You never find these things in North Carolina.

The American Entrepeneurial spirit ! When life gives you lemonade make lemons. When life gives you melons.....never mind.

The dead giveaway must have been all the blinking little lights on the trailer. Looks like she'll just have to stick to teaching at the local high school.

Don't fool yourself, nursecindy.

A trailer park. How ...appropriate.
I lived in a trailer (not a mobile home; it was a TRAILER) when I was in college. All I saw when I looked out the window was cows.

Yes,bonmot but at least we don't have them in trailers! I also lived in a mobile home for several years saving up my money. Some mobile home parks are nice. At least the one I lived in was and it helped me to save enough to pay cash for my house! So, it was well worth it. However, I cannot tell you how many trailer park jokes I had to suffer through.

That's OK, nursecindy, we live in a motorhome (albeit a very nice one) and I call us trailer trash, homeless, or else living in a gated community, depending on where we are at the moment.....

BTW, we did see a actual stripper pole in a very high-end motorhome at a show once....finish-out was very nicely done, but extremely TACKY!


How did y'all manage to dodge the tornados? Not that the world is but better for it.

bonmot, I usually prayed a lot and then when there were warnings out I left and went to a friend or family's house. I rented it out for a while after I moved out and then after the lady paid on it for a year I gave it to her. She still lives there and loves it. I'm sort of a germaphobe/cleaning nut so it was like new when I left it.

OT/ ... n'cindy ... to respond to yer question (here, rather than back on "old" threads) on summer in Nodak ...

Yer friend in Minot is sorta correct ... HOWever ... the two or three weeks referenced are actually WERSE than Phoenix or Yuma @ the same time ... temperatures in Nodak will climb to more than 100 degrees, but the humidity level follows the mercury ...

Survivin' in 98 & 98 is an experience that sorta makes even us natives wish for a decent blizzard with -50 windchills ...

Fortunately, that session of warmth usually only lasts for a little while ... but after a week, it seems like forever ... or a preview of Hell ...


I live in Chesterfield County.

I had this story on my local newscast.

And the prize winner, about the intoxicated guy, who tried to bribe the sheriff's deputy.

With a sweet potato.

No place like home.

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