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April 26, 2010


...you need to give it some thought.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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When you are assigning stories on porn, you've got to hand it to a wang.

Not naming her blog "Wang's Dang Doodle" is a tragically lost opportunity.

There probably would have been even more snickering around the newsroom if the editor had REFUSED to assign Wang to the story. Reporters are twelve-years old deep down, didn't you know?

That's the story's Wang's strung tonight!

^let's pull down the first 's.

I've heard that reporters can sometimes act slightly immature. I wonder how many Wang jokes she's heard? *SMACKS* bonmot. Now that dumb song, Wang Chung, is stuck in my head.

Wouldn't it be ironic if Marian Wang turned out to be a lesbian? NTTAWWT.

Plus, I hear Marian Wang's going to hyphenate her name when she marries German correspondent Hans Schnorker. Or was it Austrian correspondent Helmut Dangdoodle? I know she broke it off with Wes Whakker...

oops, sorry Lairbo, didn't see you'd beat me to the Howlin' Wolf joke...

to paraphrase ted nugent....wang dang sweet poontang

IANMTU - The place accross the street from where the RBR played in Boston Saturday? The Wang Theater. If I can ever figure outt how to post pictures, I have one of it.

Layzee - I saw "The Nutcracker" at the Wang. IANMTU, either.

I would SO work that Wang ;)

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