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April 17, 2010


...they don't have it.


(Thanks to Annie Where-but-here)


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Betcha they just might.

Dave, make sure that they get your new book next month there. I can't wait to buy it.

Sometimes I think those crazy Chinese are just messing with us.

Is that Dave & Ridley's next Strumpeting venue?

That is a BIG DEAL bookstore!

Let's see THAT on a tee shirt.

Obviously, there must also be a "Whiet Fook Hing Book Store."

Two white don't make a wong.

A friend ran that same picture on the front cover of a magazine. Pretty good.

Jeff also sent this in....to the Wong Fook Hing Blog.

*SNORK* @ Annie!!!

*SMACKS* Jeff!!

seriously, there're quite a lot of "bookstores" like this in hong kong. they do sell textbooks during the summer months before school starts in september.

Wonder if they stock " The Open Kimono " by Seymour Hair ?

What's the banner say? Can't make it out?

Is the line at the register the Fook queue?

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