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April 04, 2010


Dad wants a laboratory-grade beer stein.

(Thanks to marfie)


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It's been a while, but I don't really recall using a stein for long-term beer storage. It simply wasn't a problem.
If this is so high-tech, is it a "Franken" stein? (Somebody had to say it).

Make sure you don't mistakenly chug the liquid nitrogen instead of the beer.

Not sure if I can afford that until I publish a few books, Dave, but for now, Happy Father's Day.

Annie wrote a book?

No pictures? The article pretty much cries out for a visual.

I just cancelled my request for the iPad.

*sets out Easter brunch for bloggies.

"The primary buyers have been coming out of academic and research institutions, but by no means are limited to that," Broughton said. "I've had bankers, lawyers, architects, IT folks and, in one case, a Coast Guard lieutenant.
He forgot to mention a certain humor writer.

If a pitcher of beer remains cold for hours in a bar, he needs to patronize a more popular bar.

What am I missing here. The idea of beer is to drink the stuff, not sit around for hours congratulating yourself that you have found a means of keeping it cold.


$375 for a beer stein? That's money better spent on shoes!

one small stein for man...one giant *burp* for mankind!

Ah, but a stein big enough and insulated enough so you don't have to refill it. Gold. ChemKegger. Lifting it is another matter.

Next up - the Add-a-bladder.

I collect steins, which started when I inherited about a dozen from my father. I have at least one that is worth about 3 grand.

I want one of these, and would not mind a bit of "trophy drinking" with it.

(Also, if anyone is looking to unload any Mettlach etched steins, let me know.)

Photo of ChemKeg Dominator

I realize that sum folks perceive us Nodaks as "slow-learners" or "backward" ... but we've often kept our beer cold merely by puttin' the keg in a washtub (or watertank, or kiddie wading pool) filled with ice ... and we've spent about $370 LESS per keg by usin' that method, rather than themore costly "scientific" method described above ...

Never mind the beer.

From MOTW's link
>Think about a mug with over a gallon of piping hot coffee.

That would keep me going for ... umm... half an hour or so.

Usually I finish my beer before several hours have past.
But the coffee warming would be great. I spend at least that much time looking for where I put it.

Another Nodak posting!!

Never mind the sub zero freezer in THIS state...

OtU, we don't deny the NoDak resourcefulness, but what with every bathtub in Fargo filled with ice and beer, we do worry sometimes about your hygiene.

Yes, but how big is it? Is 30 liters big enough?

pad' ... that's them in Fargo ... out west here, we don't have bathtubs, so our "hygienicalness" takes a different route to keepin' down the infectations [sic] ...

Hi, EB ... I waved the last time we went past yer office area ...

*Scratches North Dakota off places to see. Especially in the summer* OtheU, when is summer in North Dakota? I have a friend in Minot who says it's a few weeks in July.

If it would refill itself, he'd really be on to something.

Website says it's sold out. But they offer the 350 mL version (1 left! hurry!) for only $210...

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