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April 19, 2010


Giant African Snails


(Thanks to Ralph)


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This makes my locust pizza look not so bad.

eww, just eww

*runs away to wash hands a few hundred times*

SLIMY!! Ewwww!

We're also going to need an especially large escargot pan. I wonder if Big Lots has one?

Umm, no. There's not enough rum in the world to convince me.

Y'all can have my share. Ew.

C'mon, guys, ...Escargot is a delicacy!

After sufficient wine and properly cooked in garlic butter, it's ....delicious, until you remember you are
eating snails...


We are unable to substatiate that Curly (Jerry) Howard's french cousin, Bubba LaCroix, was bathing with garlic butter (because it smelled better than he did and his wife gave him an ultimatum) when
he ate a slug on the window sill. And escargot was
"created", meaning "I ate what???"

(FYI Jerry Howard was one of the Three Stooges.)

ewww yuck, patooey yuckeee. feh

no thanks. i think they arent kosher.

I think he's cute. C'mere and sit on daddy's lap, li'l fella. Who's the cutest li'l oozer? You are! Here's your squeaky slug! Sit up if you want a slime treat!

If you scratch behind his eye stalks just right, he starts kicking with his monopod, it is the funniest thing!

I gave these up (during lent) for the next 100 years. Nice to see padraig is up and drinking already.

i'm with mitch - fire up the skillet! sure, he's a big fellow, but hell, just cut him into slices and viola! snail steaks!

i've got a nice pinot grigio that oughta go nice...

Wait a minute. You can get these in Miami!

African Snails in Hialeah.

France surrenders. Again.

I'll *urp* pass.

Sorry but apparently I suck with HTML usage. March 10, 2010 Miami Herald article was titled "Hialeah man investigated over feeding Giant African Snails to followers".

They are now almost as plentiful as the commas in the story!

Snail sex: "Slow. Slower. Slower.
S-l-o-w-e-r . . ."

Conch fritters are a favorite in the South of Florida. Isn't that just the salt water version?

dang, Horace got my line ...

Next thing you know, he'll buy a very fast car with a letter 'S' on the side, so that people can look at him and say "Look at that S-car go!"


We're going to need more flamethrowers, hydrochloric acid, cyanide, cannons, neutron bombs .......

Notify the French and stand back. They can have my share.

Where's Gordon Ramsey when you need him?

*establishes perimeter of salt*

According to this article, they harbor meningitis causing bacteria.

Roger Corman, where are you when we need you?

Drink the snail slime? WTFBBQ?!!!

Put your hands together for The Giant Af..... EWWWWWWWBLECCCHHHH!!!

*hands Meanie a hanky*

you got slimed!!

On a related topic, while swimming off Sanibel Island, I picked up a conch shell that turned out to have the original occupant in it. It came out and crawled across my hand. It wasn't slimy or disgusting at all.
My wife liked the shell but I won't kill a living creature for a cheap (free) souvenir. It looked a lot like the snails but didn't have the same "ick" factor.


I bet SpongeBob is looking for him, with Patrick, too.

I say we put him in charge of the New York mta.


Slugs with shells. Gross.

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