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April 21, 2010


...for still more Remainderblog. (Note especially the All Things Considered entry)


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Good to know you are getting to bed at a reasonable hour, Dave.

What? 4 a.m.?

Never mind.

I would have thought a blog from writers would know when to use it's or its. (See "all things considered")

Larry, Ted's just the manager. I blame the mullet.

Had a great meet and greet and interview last night! The band members are all such great people. Roger serenaded us with an acoustic version of Eight Miles High. Pictures being uploaded to Flickr as I type.

Looking forward to tonight's concert. We all want to be groupies.

P.S. I brought Dave up to date with Monday's 24 episode so he has the low down on Jack's rogue exploits.

Al...SO cool!!! Want to see pics!! (are you posting them on FB?)

Larry, nobody like's a critic. I'd love to see them too, Al.

the geniuses here at my work wont let me see it. so i will look at home.

Still wondering if I can make it tonight. It appears to be concert only, with no opportunity to meet the band before or after?

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