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April 07, 2010


You'd think they'd be thrilled.

(Thanks to Patrick Lenon)


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i would be. thrilled that is.

I wish I were a fully employed senior
That is what I'd truly like to be
With student loans I don't own my own keister

I got nothin'

When I first saw that in the paper this morning I thought, "I should scan this and send it to Dave." Then my coffee kicked in and my mind went elsewhere.

If you read the pertinent sentence carefully, it appears it was the lizard itself that "said it is endowed", etc., etc. Which is not uncommon when this topic is discussed.

lol mad librarian mixed up his weiners ;)

*snork* @ trustf8!

The job has great benefits. All the pig lips you can eat. Great wiener pickup lines. The Geico lizard will give you insurance for a ride.

"And I have the chance at a promotion to Department Headcheese!"

I warned judi she was gonna have to explain that joke to Dave. Bit of role reversal, I'm guessing,

True freedom is when all your kids have jobs and the dog dies.

I'll bet he's also driving the parents' nuts.

(Please note deliberate punctuation.)

rut roh

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