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April 11, 2010


Driver blames UFO for failure to pay parking fine

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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I never think of good excuses like that. I just say either I don't know or I'm sorry. Although, I once got out of a ticket by telling the nice policeman that I was sorry but I was lost and could he help me? Thank goodness he didn't even ask for my drivers license because I was only about 5 miles from home.

It was not a good idea to tell the officer, "I was transfixed by the rings around Uranus."

"It was raining. I thought I could park anywhere if the weather was bad."

I like it, but I don;t think it would work in New York either.

Must have been driving a Ford Probe.

Unfair! The UFO was taking up more than one parking space. I had to park illegally.

For Horace. There, there Mr. LaBadie. Take your medicines and you'll be fine in a few minutes.

If by fine, you mean comatose.

The Alien said he would only be in the store a few koliklicks.

Watch out for those lousy Martian drivers. They nvever give any space.

My wife and I once saw a UFO circling above a Frish's restaurant but we were parked legally. The really strange thing was that when we discussed it later, I saw a white, rectangular grid of lights while she saw an oval grid of colored lights.
People have asked me how I knew it was a UFO. All I can say is that it was up in the air and I didn't know what the he!! it was.
I supposed I could have probed deeper but I was afraid of retaliation.

Well done, Loudmouth!

What? a UFO isn't a reason to overturn a ticket? What is the world coming to?

Also, my wife refers to UFOs as "unfinished objects". I have several.

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