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April 07, 2010


The buzz is building.


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Buzz?? I totally blame alcohol. You all DO sound better when alcohol is involved.

if i can get to nyc...

Woo Hoo, I will hopefully be able to go to the Boston Show.

“Rock Bottom Remainders? Who the hell are they?” responded Metallica’s Kirk Hammett. responded Metallica’s Kirk Hammett.

Geez, he didn't hafta say it twice.

BTW, see you in NY.

It will be a proud day for Phoenix when we become sophisticated enough to earn a place on the RBR World Tour. We're music fans. We have alcohol. Not necessarily in that order.

I think I can get you in at the Oswego (IL) Soccer Classic on Memorial Day weekend, but you'll have to compete with the Bloodmobile for an audience.

Do the RBR's have any CD's? (Of them singing) Maybe a DVD??? I'd buy them.

cindy, click on the RBR link to the left. Then click on "catalog". I recommend Stranger than Fiction

I thought the buzz was a hornet. Who knew?

layzee (and queenie?), see you there.

Will any blog fans attend the Philly concert?

*Waves @ Tinkerbell* (psssssssst...did you get the photos??)

Siouxie, yes, thanks! I replied with some other beach photos. Now I have to figure what to wear to a remainders show, as opposed to a "Peter Pan" book event.

Hopin' to be there in NYC, too. Those interested in possible pre-show collective overindulgence and gluttonyfine repast, please contact me at stevesmontclairnj yahoo.com (stick an "@" in there).

*Casts eye over CT, NJ, Brooklyn, Albany, Long Island, and the swamps of Queens*

Tink, I never received that. Can you resend??? please?

Meanie, don't forget the tunnels of Manhattan.

Dave wrote a book?

I'm looking forward to hearing some of my favorite authors sing. See you in NYC!
Meanie - CT votes aye on the gluttony/indulgence proposal.

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