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April 21, 2010


... if you catch our drift.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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I can believe the thing would work.

My current wife and I were on our front porch one afternoon. My wife was holding a beer in a pint glass. A hummingbird buzzed up in front of her glass, took a sip and flew off!

We were both just dumbstruck. Had I not seen it myself, I would've accused her of downing the six pack before she came up with that story.

What an idiot I am! I just watch them from my kitchen window which is plenty close enough for me. Hummingbirds will dive bomb you if you make them uneasy. But, they are beautiful.

Hummingbirds are so cute. We watch them from our kitchen window like the cats do. However they can be trained to come around you and land on your finger.


ps: bonmot. "Current" wife?

Lairbo, I'm glad he didn't say, "next wife."

Theresa, you trained your cats to land on your finger?

It belatedly dawned on me that the Remainders played a gig together on 4.20 in our nation's federal capitol, with Roger McGuinn no less, which leads to my question: Is there a potato chip or slice of cold pizza left anywhere in the District of Columbia today?

Looks like a psychodelic Cybermen outfit from the BBC Dr WHO series. (ps. They always lost).

I think Dave meant to link to the Growhouse, instead.

At first I thought it had the eyes exposed and thunk...what could go wrong????

Hummingbirds are sooooooooo cute.

*Humming ♪ Eight Miles High ♫ by (of course) The Byrds*

Yes, Lairbo. It distinguishes her from my ex.

It's also a reminder that marriages need constant attention.

If it weren't for the 60s, things like this wouldn't exist. Wait. What were we talking about?

I once referred to My Bride (Remember her?) as "my present wife" ... or mebbe it wuz "my first wife" ... whutever ... I never did THAT again ... merely sayin' ...

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