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April 07, 2010


A man is nearly killed by bazooms.

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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"I did think my time had come."

I'm guessing his time was about the only thing.


Smedley said: "After that he went off sex.

who could blame him.

Pffft. Amateurs shouldn't be allowed to play.

*snickers* @ Smedley

I was going to say she must be a blond but He must be the blond or he would have hauled one of them up and taken a breath. A redhead knows when they stop moving you give them mouth to mouth.

i should think they woould LIKE to die that way...

Suddenly I have visions of Woody Allen running away from a giant bazoom in a field...

She almost killed her lover? I wonder what her husband thinks.

Braniff, her husband is thinking, "The poor bastard almost died? I ain't ever gettin' under those things again."

Would Saint Peter be greeting me with a smirk on his face?

OK, I'm weird, but when I was thinking of something really, really clever to say, all I could think was that just *one* of her bras is a full load of laundry.

She might need a permit to carry deadly weapons, but there is no way to conceal.

"This time, he started flailing around a bit but I assumed it was because he was so excited, so I kept going. A few minutes later I noticed he'd stopped moving,"

But what a way to go, eh gents?

Dave's right, though. These things do need a warning label...or two.

I guess if it says it in The News of the World it must be true.


'My name is Smedley
My boobs can be deadly
Lay down, Enjoy them! But then:
If you can't hold your breath
It could mean sudden death -
You may never be coming again.'

So he was coming and going at the same time?

Her bra doesn't have cups. It has buckets.

"It was pretty hair-raising," Steven said

Nuf said.

If he hadn't come to......would that be voluntary manslaughter ?

Nobody has said anything about booby traps ???

"Now remember honey, the safety word is Oxygen."

She really shouldn't be driving if those have been activated.

Because I am not of the male gender, all I can think is wow, that girl must have some serious back trouble. Double L? Yikes!

*snork* @ telecomdropout!

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