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April 07, 2010


Cops go in hard on willy bust

(Thanks to Andrew Hoenig)


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"displaying an item liable to cause harassment, alarm and distress".

And yet, BM CDs are still right out there in the open.

Oh the pic of them hauling it away is priceless... to think of the fun they had!

"Mr Hadlow must pay the fine by Friday to release it from Northallerton police station".

Free Willy?

I love the picture!

I meant I love the pic of the two guys carrying it. Quite phallic.

I wouldn't touch that pole with a 10' pole.

Why is the bald confiscator wearing a bullent resistant vest?

That picture really is the money shot.

Maybe they could use it on the Giant Boob woman.

A shopkeeper in the UK,
Put a dick out on public display.
Some old prude was appalled;
the bobbies were called,
And they hauled the stone phallus away!

This stuff just writes itself. Especially the "Head"line.

Good undercover work, Walter!

nice, bm

Some thought the erection
Was cause for correction
Yorkshire folks wanted things placid.
So Willy came down
Because most in the town
Preferred him not stiff, but just flaccid.

I wonder how much teasing the guys that took away have endured from their co-workers? Especially after that picture was published. The best way to bust a willy is with a hammer. If it's made out of stone that is.

"A member of the public complained to police about the statue." *SNORK*

.... envy?

What junior G-man pulled this job? No pun intended, that you are aware of.

And did they say, "Hold my beer and watch me move this thing"

You just can't take free willys for granite.

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