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April 23, 2010


...than a woman on a blowgun spree.

Key Quote:
She allegedly told an officer that she "liked to hear people say ouch."

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Too bad she wasn't on a blowJ*B spree!

Cheesehead women are skilled in all manner of weapons. Especially when they're drunk.

She allegedly told an officer that she "liked to hear people say ouch."

I can think of several blogwomen of whom the same could be said.


Like Slick Willie, she didn't inhale.

*SMACKS* bonmot. Any blog women in particular Jeff?

You'll shoot someone's eyes out kid!

Jeff, don't make me go up there and *SMACK* you upside the head. I like hearing you say OUCH.


*Lays low while the ladies are smacking*

Police arrested the van's driver, Paula "aka Big Bad" Wolf, and say she eventually admitted to shooting the pedestrians...

She must have been using a wimpy toy. As a kid, I had a 6' long Peruvian blowgun that could put a dart through a National Geographic magazine from 20'away. Unfortunately, I didn't have any curare-tipped darts or some of the other accessories.

Thot-provokin' quote: "She could not be reached for comment."

One may only hope she's still sumwhere in Cheddarheadland ... out of range of most of us here in Nodak ...

(Besides that, Steve stole my line!)

A sadistic cheddarhead lass
was a literal pain in the ass.
But she lacked both curare
and a Ferrari;
her spree left her much time to pass.

I wonder if she also like to her herself say, "Oh, sh...?"

wiredog,are they smackin' each other?

i'd watch that....

A woman on a shopping spree is much more terrifying.

"Ouch...thy name is woman".

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