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April 13, 2010


A good name for a rock band would be Sheep on Meth.


(Thanks to wiredog)


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I thought that was the scary clown face for a second.

WTFBBQ? Sheep on Meth? How about Boffins on Crack?

Reminds me of college.

The scientist in me has to ask. First they give the sheep a big shock to the system with meth, a big upper. Second they anesthetize them, a big downer. Then they taze them?
I've never tried meth but I've seen enough Cops shows to know that it makes your heart pound like a jackhammer.
Actually, this sounds like an interesting Saturday night.

How come those tweakers always have such bad teeth?

The boffins had a little lamb;
they pumped it full of meth.
Then they tazed the little beast,
to see if that caused death.

Shari Lewis used to do this to Lamchop before every performance.

You know how sometimes PETA people say they'd volunteer to take the place of animals in test studies? I think this would be an AWESOME opportunity for them to step up and save the poor little sheepies.

Horace, is that why Shari Lewis always had taser burns and needle marks on her left hand?

If they were my sheep and I saw boffins with tasers approaching, I'd get the flock out of there.

Must be an English Sheep...

Baa baa black sheep,
Have you been tazed?
Yes, sir,
yes, sir.
It left me quite dazed.

Once by the boffins,
who did it for gain,
to make sure the company's
profits don't wane.

Is anyone else getting tired of all these Manilow photos ?

Sheep on meth. That explains this.

There's already a band called Sheep on Drugs

Shari Lewis used to do this to Lamchop before every performance.

Posted by: Horace LaBadie | April 13, 2010 at 12:15 PM

Horace, you joke but my wife was on Shari Lewis's show when she was a kid and said the woman was a total b!tch who made her cry.

Waiter, my chop just jumped off the plate!

Jeff, was Shari paid by your wife's parents as a birthday surprise?


This is wrong on so many levels, but at least it's reassuring to know that the study was funded by the good folks at Taser International and not by our tax dollars.

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