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April 17, 2010


Student driver of the week so far:


(Thanks to Dave Roe)


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Poor thing. I can sympathize. When my dad was teaching me to drive I almost ran a Volkswagen Beetle off a bridge. However, instead of them all standing around why don't they just turn the car back over?

Dave Roe? Craig's brother? Jim's boy?

Dang ... meet up with folks in the darndest places ...

Looks like a sturdy little car ... and a student like this would be merely one more reason to avoid that part of the world ... she's not "put off" ... well, her "ability" sorta puts me off frum visitin' near there ...

She got it in the driveway.

Let's all play - Spin The Bug

How come it's not wiggling its legs and hissing?

When my dad was teaching me to drive I almost ran a Volkswagen Beetle off a bridge.

cindy, that was you?

She said she could not remember much about the accident, but added stoically: 'It has not put me off driving - why would it?'

Women - can't live with 'em, can't ... uh, never mind.

judiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! Jeff broke the blog...AGAIN!!

Years ago, when I took Driver's Ed in high school, one of the other students in my class panicked upon meeting an oncoming 18-wheeler on a narrow bridge. She let go of the steering wheel and put her hands over her face; the car somehow made it past the semi, then did a full 360-degree spin in the middle of the bridge without, amazingly, hitting the guardrails and girders on either side.

Needless to say, that day's session was cut short. The Drivers' Ed instructor took the wheel and drove straight back to school, then left school himself for a couple of hours; scuttlebutt was that he headed home for a shower and change of undies.

...Even more amazingly: the student in question went on to pass the course.

Danica Patrick, Wes?

Jeff, I'm not sure Danica was even born yet when I was in high school.

...And just when did I turn into an old fart?


Wow, that's even better than the student in my driving class who rear-ended the teacher's car.

She could drive Nascar. They flip cars every once in a while for a living.

OMG, makes our wrong way driving old folks from Phoenix look like experts!

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