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April 26, 2010


They're not just for adults.

Advisory: Not 100 percent SFW.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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Who said they were "unintentionally" perverted?

I did enjoy (so to speak) the wanking Tarzan.

Nevermind what some ladies of my acquaintance have done with electric toothbrushes.

So much for "innocent" play...

I've heard some wild stories involving that Harry Potter buzzing broomstick...most of them involving adults, mercifully. And that Lion King thing was just wrong.

Would it have been better if those kids had entered Pikachu from the opposite side?

Seriously, don't they actually test these toys before marketing them?

Ooh. Is that mousse?

The Tarzan doll is hilarious. I agree with Romeo, doesn't anyone test, or at least look at, these toys before marketing them?

But why does the train end in a giant c*ck?

Jes wondrin' if there's a tunnel on that playground...

Umm. it should just be for adults..

Hey Dave, we love you by the way, keep up your great work!

Maybe the toy designer was not thinking that direction and missed out on the "dirty" aspect of the final product.

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