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April 20, 2010


Behind the scenes with the Remainders

(Thanks to MulletTed for the link)


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Dave wants to be VP, but runns for president every time. I are confoozed.

He's hoping someone he's running against will pick him for veep, the way McCain did for Palin, and Obama did for Biden.

Except that Dave is smarter than Palin, and less likely to say something horrifying than Biden, which makes him way overqualified.

Hoo gnu Ridley played the stand-up bass?

I thought the VP's main job was to attend funerals for heads of state. I would think this would get depressing after a while Dave. Doesn't the VP live in the guest house in the back yard of the White House? You would want your own place away from all the politicians.

I forgot to mention.. I think all of you have very nice hair and the guy on the video who said you didn't is full of it.

Ok..so they've conquered the A and D chords. That's definitely an improvement.

Siouxie, I put this cheat sheet for Dave on the other thread. After looking at it I would definitely stay away from any song that uses the 'F' chord.

They sound really good. Of course, that is mostly McGuinn who won't be in New York, but still... .

cindy, I play (well...played) a little geetar (acoustic) and F and B are the ones to stay away from. The fingers get all twisted up.

Well the VP usually does state funerals, butt nobody can risk the Wonder From Delaware in a public setting, so the P misses those. The VP is also supposed to be the head of NASA, but the P came down here last week to announce his new vision, to a carefully selected crowd consisting of approximately zero NASA workers.

Basically, the VP is a more perfect gig for the Blog. He just needs a P candidate to select him. We should all work on this. I'd suggest Fred Thompson, butt he's getting older and I doubt I'll be able to afford to move to Aruba by 2013. It's not Dave that concerns me, as I know he would claim to have a headache, in the Event. I just can't think of a Speaker of the House, going back to Rayburn in the 60s, that I would be comfortable with taking over, as Dave wings to Tahiti in Air Force 2.

It's nice to see what real talent looks like. But why do your groupies all carry book bags?

Actually, nursecindy, the veep lives out at the Naval Observatory. Well away from the White House and Congress, but close to a lot of embassies.

Alas, could not make tonight's gig. Still debating about tomorrow -- it appears that's a concert, with no meet-and-great opportunities?

Imagine - that damned bus pretending to be a limousine. Horrible. Just horrible.

XM studios are the coolest. Neat place to practice. Lot better than the bus station restroom last year.

If you play an F chord wrong is that an F-bomb or does it cause an F-bomb?

Is MulletTed the famous Habte-Grabber?

The one and only, obs.

Two blue shirts AND a blue blazer!

what is everyone talking about VP for?

It's official. I adore Roger McGuinn. Dave, if you set us up, I'll bake you cookies. Lots of 'em. :^)

Judi, we think Dave would make a good VP. You know him better than we do so would you be comfortable with your boss as the second highest most powerful man in the nation? Annie, I hate to tell you this but I looked Roger up yesterday on the internet and he's married. For 32 years. It's not fair! All the good ones are always taken.

nursecindy, I'd appreciate it if you'd kindly quit lookin' up my man on the innernets. Lest I'd have to go all F-chord on your head.

Sorry Annie. Here's a little something to drool over.

It's that video that convinced me. Did you see his fingers on the fretboard? That man can multi-task!

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