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April 12, 2010


Tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern Handbag Time. Be on this blog, or be a really surprised dog.


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That's the same look my dog had yesterday when a horse and buggy pulled up at my house. Not the Amish, just some farmer friends out for a Sunday ride.

Here's hoping Jack's gonna play Ruff tonight...

OT/ nursecindy -- have you ever had shad roe? You live in the right part of the world for it. I got lucky and found some yesterday at my fishmonger. Dee-lish! For those who haven't had it, it's like a delicate fishy livery grits. Which sounds awful but really its a very nice (my current wife says "acquired") taste.


And remember, tonight heeeeee's back...!

I have never had that bonmot. It's mainly found in the Delaware area I think. I have a cousin that is a chef in New Orleans and he has made this before though. He fries it. I do like regular grits and eat them almost every morning when it's cold outside. With salt, pepper, and butter. No sugar. And NO instant grits thank you.

I think that dog farted.

Everybody this season looks so ready to be done, I'm surprised they haven't changed the name to "22" and wrapped up two weeks early.

Shad roe is big here in the DC area. Never tried it myself.

A really surprised dog ~ is parlously regarded.

Wiredog -- I grew up in Montgomery Co. MD, which is how I knew about it. A Mid-Atlantic specialty, along with steamed crabs and silver queen corn.

Pretty bad sign for Jack Bauer when this blog would rather talk about fish eggs and dog farts than this season of 24.

Speaking of dog farts, hasn't anyone nosed out Prady yet?

I've tried caviar twice, once for free as part of an FDA inspection (the inspector should have SOME idea what the food is supposed to taste like). The other was when I was about 12 and found some at a local store.
My conclusion was that good caviar probably costs more than seventy-five cents for the can.

My grandpa use to get a keg of shad when they ran in the Potomac down at the southwest waterfront fish stands. He would fry up a bunch along with the roe. It was excellent. Not at all like caviar. Do they eat shad roe raw? Haven't had it for years.

I LOVED the SW DC fish stands. Being a young, poor political operative in the mid 80's in D.C., we discovered if you went on a late Sunday afternoon, the prices of almost everything dropped. You had to kick the tires a little more before you purchased, but mussels for a buck a dozen and crabs for $10.00 a bushel were a good deal.

Yeah, the SW DC fish stands are down by the container ship port, the sewer pipe into the White House and where FBI agents and terrorists have beach parties at night.

I knew bonmot used to be a politician.

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