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April 17, 2010


The excitement continues to build.


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Good Luck Dave, on this years tour. I wish you were coming to Michigan! Create lots of new tapes of the songs please.

"a Group of Famous Writers-Turned-Authors."

That sounds like an amazing transformation. Does it occur on stage?

Whoa. I thought that read excrement. Which, of course, in NO way describes the world famous and extremely talented RBRs!

I think the RBRs are probably a lot more talented than they give themselves credit for. In fact I'll bet if they were being honest they would admit they also know the 'c' chord.

Real excitement is lobbing Nehi bottles at bears out at the county dump.

cindy, you didn't hear this from me butt...I have seen Dave attempt the "G" chord. And THAT, as you all know, is no small feat.

Their repertoire consists mainly of songs using chords E and A, the only two most of the members know.

Which makes the RBR's better than 90% of the bands that I've seen a the old 930 Club.

Dave, that should read "Remainders Reminders" - just thought I'd help.

*goes to hug ticket*

Part of the government's plan to bring broad bands to rural America.

Silly Horace, this is a broad band.

Will be there both nights and ready to rock along on the kazoo...

REALLY wish I could go, but will be doing my own "gig" that night.

Besides, I've already met the entire band and got a hug from Frank McCourt. What else does a person ever need? *sigh*

Have fun, gang! I want pics & stories!!

dave - next time you see your booking agent, whisper "sierra vista, az" into his ear 1000 times. I know for a fact that you have two fans here.

Then whisper "Charlotte, NC" to him a 1000 times. There are lots of fans here. If this works we'll have to start calling Dave, 'The Booking Agent Whisperer'.

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