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April 22, 2010


We had a fine show in DC last night; thanks to all who came out. At the hotel after the show Roger McGuinn attempted "Turn Turn Turn" again on the karaoke machine, and this time he got a 98, so his hard work is paying off.
This is a dramatic CrapCam action photo of some of the band at the Washington train station. We're traveling to Philadelphia for a show tonight at the Electric Factory. We hope you can make it. Roger won't be there, but the rest of us are having some success with playing some of the "chords" at the same time.


Here I am on the train with Roy Blount Jr., who is the funniest human on Earth.



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Is that Ted's pink bag?? (NTTAWWT)Also, where's the mullet??

Ted, you need to step away from the Taco Bell, dude.

Whoa! Now the Herald is posting to the blog all by itself?

Does the Bot know about this?

*Looking forward to a fun event tomorrow evening - not too late for other NYC-area bloglits to join! Reach me at stevesmontclairnj @ yahoo.com if you want to join up with me and others beforehand*

Mitch is reallllly happy about something....

Ooops, that's his luggage. Dang! Is Dave hiding in there?

Meanie, just don't wear them all out before they reach Boston!

Like it is for .... basically, everything .... I have no control over such matters, JCFJean.

Those are some tough looking roadies.

Roy's even cuter than he sounds (on "Wait Wait")

Roy Blount, Jr. IS the funniest person on Earth. And he and I graduated from the same college. Go Vandy!

We saw a great concert last night in DC!!! Thanks to all of the band members for sharing their many talents (and non-talents) with us. I took over 200 pictures last night but I won't post them to Flickr until I get home tonight as the hotel internet is only marginally faster than the lines at the DMV. I'm practicing on my kazoo as I hope to join the band on tour in the future after I write my novel (I'm reading Sam and Kathi's book, "Write that Book Already!).

Roy IS a hoot! His You move me delivery on "Wild Thing" is classic.

"not too late for other NYC-area bloglits to join!"
And it's not just for NYC-area folks either. Why, even you blog people of the Southernly states could easily hop on a plane and take a direct flight (known to frequently have handsome, single men in kilts) to NYC and it would be the same, timewise, as driving across your state. There are hotels, which you can get cheap, at the last minute thru priceline. Don't delay! Call now.

Thankfully Dave's PC screen content was appropriate for posting.

I would NS but with that volcano erupting and everything I can't afford to be stranded in some little,foreign, out of the way airport like that 'La Guardia'. Truthfully, I would if I could. Does Mitch know there is a guy checking him out? Roy Blount cannot help but be hilarious. He's from Decatur, Ga. which is only about 60 miles from my family estate in Sparta, Ga. I think it's the heat as everyone from that area is that way. Roy is more so.

I thought it was the humidity?

bonmot, in the south it is always the humidity.

I know. I'm in the South of Texas.

Watch out for Manny Spamboni while you are at the Electric Company.

Nice place bonmot but, our bbq is better.

I would die to go!!

uh, nevermind

Happy Earth Day!

Forget the chords, I'm learning 'hands in cheek'

>3677I have not yet seen any scientifically gathered data regarding how much particulate has been sent into the atmosphere by this eruption, but I feel comfortable in stating that the total will surpass all pollution that man has created since the Industrial Revolution began. SO MUCH FOR THE AFFECT OF MAN MADE ATMOSPHERIC POLLUTION!... Mankind has an inflated ego if it thinks it can have a significant impact, much less control, of our world's environment!

nah, this stuff is way cleaner than the pollutants of industrilzed "evolution"..I believe its Nature's way of cleaning it all up.

Pork is not bbq. Nice try.

It is bbq, bonmot.

Is not.


Called it.

Pork can be BBQ if it's in the form of steak.

Also, I think it'd be downright awesome to travel by train. I have never ridden on a real live passenger train before.

Schade - have you ridden on a dead passenger train?
> rimshot <

I had to be in Philly for a professional convention at about the time that our youngest was still on "two adult night watch" -- one of us had to be awake enough to monitor his breathing. I left my wife and kids with her sister outside Pittsburgh and took Amtrak across the state.

I was the only person who got in because of storms disrupting the region. I loved Amtrak.

My conference responsibilities ended early, so I called Amtrak to see if I could get an earlier train. Soundly yelled at, I took my scheduled run. The train was delayed about six hours because of... who knows. They never told us. I hated Amtrak.

You ever had any of that Queenbee Bobacue?

you see dave barry? he moves,

dam, Dam!

dave, just say, I woold be there#$##$$!


Does not.

Infinity and beyond.

We're discussing who has the best bbq. I say N.C. and bonmot say's Texas which as everyone knows is wrong.

right, Texes is a lappard, exactly!

who knows?

someone close the italics please, thank you!

judi? Nut loose on the blog!

bolted nut case


Sheesh...you are such a pitiful pest.


BOT (back on topic) MOT (most of topic)


      oh, well


Sweep, dammit!


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