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April 26, 2010


Chair-sniffing treasurer apologises for affair

(Also thanks to Joe)


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Mr Buswell, who has two sons with his wife Margaret, was understood to be staying at the home of his colleague, Energy Minister Peter Collier.

Mister Collier's wife would neither confirm or deny that she had stocked up on Febreze in advance of Buswell's visit.

I saw that this morning Dave, and all I could think was...the Eric Massa of Australia!

Of course, Massa's inclinations lie in a slightly different area.

What gave Mr. Buswell true pleasure
Was a whoopee cushion beyond measure.
Instead of handling funds
He enjoyed smelling buns:
Clearly the wrong 'scents' to 'treasure'.

bravo, trustf8!

I would say "Send him to Washington!" but I think we've got enough chair sniffers up there already, iykwim.

Chair sniffers? Those dogs!

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