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April 21, 2010


According to his calculations, if the world’s 1.3 billion cattle used treadmills for eight hours a day, they could produce six percent of the world’s power.

(Thanks to ShadowKatmandu)


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That and find a way to harness the methane gas cows emit and you'll pretty much solve the energy problem once and for all.

Oddly, I thought of exercise outfit sales when I sent this in.

But it would put all those hamsters out of work.

Those cattle need Shirt Garters.

Hmmm. The bot just asked me to type in "porny 7s" which is, I am sure, something really filthy.

Judi should smack it, hard, for that.

Cows on Treadmills WBAGNFARB

Remooable energy.

Moomoos in tutus.

Forget the cute little exercise outfits. How about 1.3 billion treadmills? NordicTrack stock is going to go through the roof!

" Scottie, I need more power. "

I have a cow pasture across the road from my house and I think I would prefer to just see them graze like they do now. I love it when they moo at me at the mailbox. I need to get out more.

I love to see cows out in their pastures, doing cow things. Once, when we were up in the wine country, we stopped for the intrepid photographer, Mr. Telecom, to take some shots of bison and long horns. I was outside, watching this huge bull - he started lowing really loudly at me, and then, way up on a hill across from us, another bull started lowing, equally loudly. This is not flattering at all, but Mr. Telecom remarked that he thought I might be in the middle of a bidding war between these two bulls for my affections.

Yes, Mr. Telecom went to sleep with one eye open.

telecom, sometimes bulls can be real pigs.

A Mennonite bakery once asked me to find them a non-electric dough mixer. I pointed out that dough was heavy and thick. No worker using a hand-crank was going to last long.
Never underestimate Mennonites. The next time I inspected the bakery, there was a one-horsepower (literally) treadmill operation running that mixer. The horse, a Belgian, was more than able to walk the wooden-plank treadmill. A power takeoff run by a belt lead into the building.
Their sorghum mills were always three to five horsepower operations. People visited all during the season to see this nineteenth century operation and get some good sorghum.

But the reduction in hamburger output makes it a zero sum game.

Think of all that thick, marbled Porterhouse steaks that will go to waste with all those thin, trim metrocows out there.

You can make some pretty good home made ale with sorghum.

PS I would have said Beer, except beer has to be made with barley malt. Ale can be made with almost anything.

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