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April 12, 2010


Jack will engage in a display of affection.


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OMG that is so random. rotflmao

He's going to shoot his SO in the calf, instead of the thigh. After he sets up a perimeter around her parameters.

*covers eyes*

*SMACKS bot*
(Unable to get dbh for role 'user1'. Is 'user1' a declared role in your STACK.yaml ? 'Too many connections')

WTF???? who is messing up with my stack?

Usually the only time he shows affection is when he polishes his gun...

Did he get his nosehairs waxed first?

Siouxie, you having bot trouble too? Lately it seems like the little circle of dots takes forever to stop spinning around and post my comments...

I thought it was just my computer connection. This site has been very slow to post today and a few times I've gotten an error message and had to close out and reopen the browser. I hope it doesn't do that tonight during 24!

Is she the 'pelier' you're always talking about?

Yeah, it's the site. I had problems getting connected.

Jack showing emotion like that does not feel correct. This is like the "Uncanny Valley" (n), that point where humans begin disliking robots that appear too realistic.

I thought it was Punkin who was stacked, not Siouxie?

I'm stacked in the buttage area (if you must know), bon.

Nothing wrong with that, said this "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" fan...

All I know for sure is that I watched the "24" sneak peek on my Sprint phone, and they called this a "transition episode" where we move from one set of bad guys to another, presumably the Russians. To me, this means we're in for a borefest tonight with a lot of the Wooden Dialogue Generator!

I don't know. To me Freckles is scary looking. Now, Beckett the supermodel cop is another matter.

I agree about Beckett, but Freckles was smokin' hot last year and seems to be playing down her sexy angle due to her "traumas" between seasons. The only problem with Agent Walker is that she has a tendency to stab the ones she loves.

"Transition episode."

So that basically means Jack's "display of affection" is something to fill a hole in the plot for a change, instead of (as usual) allowing the audience to drive over it and get jarred right out of their suspension of disbelief. Right?

And we also have Huckabee Handbag back tonight as well. More of the same?

Can anyone explain why the appellation "Handbag" by the way? Is it merely his hang-dog demeanor?

Steve, it's some kind of Brit or Aussie term for a conniving, unscrupulous, douche-bag, jag-off, wienie.

SH - it's also referring to a serious gap in the cojonal area.

The only problem with Agent Walker is that she has a tendency to stab the ones she loves.

Doc Rick, sometimes love hurts.

Love hurts is right, cindy.

Well, Jack did shoot Freckles in the neck and Laura Palmered her so yeah, that's love.

Why did they have to kill Agent Walker? I just wished they gave Bauer a break...someone to live for & to make him happy, for a change.

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