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April 11, 2010



(Thanks to Siouxie)


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I've been saying for years that the schools are going to pot.

But I bet Elmo didn't inhale!

I'm going to sound terrible here but...why did they feel the need to search the backpack simply because the father called the school and said he needed to get something out of it? Did he tell them what it was or is this a habit? I'm wondering if the child actually turned him in, and if they did, good for them! On the other hand, nobody likes a snitch,kid.

is our parents learning?

MUCH more amusing was the headline on that page; "Police seize 4 foot penis"

Papa was a-wholly stoned
Whenever he lost his stash how he moaned
And then this jerk
Got hisself busted when he phoned...

cindy, I thought the same thing. Granted Dad was a jerk, but what gave the school the right to search the bag?

Apparently pot really does cause brain damage. (Scientifically speaking, it's supposed to slow down the connection between synapses in the brain.)

I wonder if they'll get the guy for child endangerment too. If the kid had gotten into it... Well, I don't know how much of that stuff would hurt a kid, but...

Elmo couldn't keep a lid on it.

PlaySchool My First Stash.

The boy wasn't expelled from school and arrested? So much for zero tolerance.

Nickel Me Elmo?


That explains why Elmo has been hanging with the Cookie Monster so much lately.

Maybe the teacher just gave the child a reeferal.

♪ Teach your something something
Their father's .... what? ♫

My grandson just LOVES Elmo, so somebody (who won't be identified because she's my wife) bought him a dancing, singing Elmo-droid.
After about twelve cycles of that, some pot would have been really refreshing.

Very o/t but... RIP, Dixie Carter. I liked her even though her yoga tapes about killed me a few years ago. People are not meant to bend that way. Back o/t.

I found this about Dave on the Skokie site about his show there. Please look at what they've written about 'Performers at this event'. I had no idea Dave started so young.
Dave, the performer.

School administrators can search anything in the school for any or no reason. Normally, anything found in the possession of a student can be used for disciplinary purposes but not in court unless a warrant was obtained first. In this case, who knows how it will play out in court? Maybe the guy admitted it was his stash.

Retired teacher.

I bet afterwards they were resembling the cookie monster.

Bail @ $100K?

I bet the dad wuz tickled to hear that ...

I thought Dave Barry the comedian was still with us today, I had no idea he died at age 83, in 2001

see link below

Sounds like "probable cause" if you think about it. What object would a parent put in a kid's backpack and then be so concerned to get it back that they call the school? But I still think the retired principal who posted was probably a jerk. I'm surprised he reads this blog.

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