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April 21, 2010


You mean you saw that?

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)

Video addition


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Thank heaven someone got Little Nell out of the path just in time.

I live not far from Lorain. It's bad enough that people have to live there in the first place. Now this? Too much.

At least they have concrete evidence.

What else did the runaway street see?

"it would have went "


Lorain, Oh., is now Lorain, Oh,Oh.

so... is everyone just not interested in reading and posting when dave isn't here? or is this stuff just not funny to anyone else? it's cool if that's the case; i know i don't compare in any way to the dirt beneath His toenails, of course ;) but i can't remember the last time a post got only FIVE comments. in fact, i remember when blank posts would have 30 or 40 posts within seconds. :) so... what should i do? just leave it alone so Dave can post from the road and not bother with anything else? i'm really happy to do that. i just didn't want to leave you all hangin'... so to speak ;)

Judi, just wanted to say thanks for posting this.

Please do NOT stop posting!

judi,I won't kiss your @ss like Jeff some of us have been posting. I can only speak for myself butt, I have been doing some actual WORK today. Shhhh....

NEVER stop posting! Even if it's Jeff's stuff ;-P

Keep posting, please! I've been waiting for new material.

I'm sorry Judi. I took a nap! I also watched the video to this and I have to say I'm relieved to see there are some rednecks further north. I thought it was only here in the south that people did interviews in which they showed off their tattoo's in front of the house which still has the Christmas lights up. I will say that here in the south they do usually have one interview with a guy that has removed his shirt. AND it's usually a guy that you do not want to see shirtless.

I'm glad I SAW this.


Thus, we have the question: If a worker who is cutting a hole in the street loses the saw blade that is doing the cutting, and it careens across a driveway and into a house, and there is no one around to see it happen, can the worker still keep his job?

I don't know. Maybe this post just didn't cut it.

And Judi, PLEASE keep posting. Even when Dave's away, I need my daily dose of laugh fodder that comes from here. If I don't get it, I get really cranky.

Schade, boy.

okay, i was just curious 'cause it seemed like everyone died! ;) lol i will post more tomorrow, but have to head out to book club now.

READ "The Help" if you haven't yet. it's fabulous :)

oh and btw, BOT (if the topic is the band):


Judi, thanks for posting.
Are these the same people who had their holiday inflatables stolen by neighbors last Christmas? If so, they have made the blog twice!

I grew up a couple towns over from Lorain. It was once a thriving city. Sad now. But the story was funny, no matter where it happened.

Does OSHA know about this?

Bein' that I werk with sumwhut similar "power-tool-type" devices on a regular basis, I can see several things worng with the entire scenario, most of 'em can be blamed directly upon the werker, or his employer ... so ... considerin' that the retaining bolt (or clamp) that's SUPPOSED to keep the blade frum runnin' amok and cuttin' large chunks out of houses, driveways, lawns, collie dogs and innocent human beings wuz obviously not installed correctly ... operator error, why? lack of training or no enforcement of safety protocols ... negligence, possibly criminal in degree ... lawsuit? Justified, IMHO ...

And ... don't y'all go dissin' my Blessed Ste. Judi ... there's many times she's been all that stood between moi ownself and clinical depression-type ailments, merely by providin' yet another chuckle fest to life spirits (single malt preferred) and banish the glums ...

The blade goes round,
Turn, turn, turn,
Gouging the ground,
Turn, turn, turn,
Cutting the house,
Across the street,
OSHA heaven.


Thanks for posting! Sometimes I just can't think of anything funny or clever to say. Not that this always prevents me from posting :)

at the risk of not being funny or clever enough for this crowd, i must say that i've been a 'stealth-blog-reader' for several years, and love the comments almost as much as the posts. so please, judi, keep up the good work - i bet there are plenty of silent chickens like me out there who read and laugh every day!

Judi please continue providing us with these glimpses into the real world, unaffected by fame or fortune. Sorry I am not able to post more, butt I'm not quite as clever as the rest of the crowd here. And then there's that pesky time zone thing, me being in Alaska and all.

Judi, you want some cheese with that whine.

The guy with the saw must have been buzzed?

Nah. I got nothin'.

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