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April 04, 2010


Charles Woodson, Inspired by Davy Crockett, Skinned Guinea Pig to Use as a Hat

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I'm going to predict that few of his neighbors were shocked that this person did something like this.

"He was a quiet man. I never thought anything when I saw him with his skinning knives."

I mean, WTFBBQ?! about covers it.

It was just a ploy to get some naked PETA girls to come sit on his front lawn in "protest."

♪ King of the weird frontier ♫

Hopefully he'll get sentenced to a full year in "the slam" where someone will wear him on his head.

Maybe he thought he was Cavy Drockett.

Just one guinea pig? He must have a very pointy head. But I think we knew that already.

Good catch, Ralph.

But when I hear rodent and headwear in the same sentence, this has always been my favorite.

OK, I want to be VERY clear that this is not Green Bay Packer Charles Woodson, but rather Fort Royal Redneck Charles Woodson. Who in addition to being a loony, probably is not a very good cornerback. Although I would not discourage the Bears from giving him a tryout, should they manage to outbid the Vikings.

Wasn't this the same guy who only last year was arrested for scrapping paint off his house with a cat tied to the end of a pole?

Hey there, cheesehead - this Woodson ain't classy enough to be a redneck. Rednecks use possum. Trailer trash use guinea pigs.

padraig pops up on the blog very quickly when he thinks his Packers are being put down doesn't he. It's okay Padraig. I'm a Packers fan too. As for this guy, he's a nut. My first thought was he must have an awfully small head if he just used one guinea pig.

If he had waited a few weeks, the census enumerator would have been coming round.

I guess we should be relieved that his budget didn't stretch to the price of a cat.

My first thought was he must have an awfully small head if he just used one guinea pig.

Posted by: nursecindy | April 04, 2010 at 11:43 AM

I thought the same thing, cindy!

Maybe it was really him?

elephants are the miracle

Happy Easter everyone!!!!

Thems ma peeple. Front Royal is about 40 miles west of here. That's big hunting area. This guy probably wasn't much of a hunter. It would be easy enough to get a 'coon or a couple of squirrels. Left the head on?? reminds me of the panda hats the zoo sells.

Bizport, Maine. I love to think up place names, beats making up names for placemats (pretending I'm going to have company over for dinner)

No comment. If I get started, I may not..STOP! Not another word.

Rock Junction, Arizona.

oh, the boredom

If you are not allowed to wear rodents on your head then what am I going to do with these mickey mouse ears?

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