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April 06, 2010


A township man's eight-foot-tall Eiffel Tower, worth more than $2,000, was knocked down on his front lawn early Sunday morning, a report in the Daily Record said.

(Thanks to Barbara A.)


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we fart in your gggggeneral direction...

I thought Congress agreed we would call it The Freedom Tower.

"la Tiiiimbrrrrrre"

Word from Paris (the big one) - in response to this heinous action, France has officially surrendered.

Alec Guinness is being sought for questioning.

When your tower is vandaled,
Clearly mishandled
That's a foray

Some of that $2000.00 should have gone into actual concrete to root that structure in place.

To secure well the Tower of Eiffel,
it's best to not mess with a trifle.
So don't be a naif;
to really be safe,
just sit in your yard with a rifle.


we fart in your gggggeneral direction...

By some curious coincidence, I'm wearing a t-shirt with that phrase on it at this very moment.


The French response: "I assure you, mademoiselle, zis has never 'appened to me before."

Thank God the Leaning Tower of Secaucus is still standing.

ha! spiny .... there's always room for python.

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