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April 04, 2010


Porn Pizza

(Thanks to Ralph)


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All good people know that if we never expose our children to anything remotely sexual, including abstinence (because it is confusing if we don't tell them what they aren't doing), they will never, ever even think about sex.
I can't make it over there. Does the store deliver?

Get over it!

Since when are Aussies so prudish?

That would be the anchovy pizza, right?

That would never happen in this country.

*SMACKS Meanie with fish schtick*

Sergeant Pepperoni
Climbing up the Pisa tower
Pornographic pizza
Singing "That's Amore"
Man, you should have seen them throwing tips at Vic Damone

I am the (Easter) Eggman
They are the (Easter) Eggmen
I'm getting hungry
Goo goo gajoob

Happy Easter everybody!

Speaking of fish schticks, annie, where is Mrs. Paul?

It wasn't the slice of pie that went awry,
but the meaty balls on Dutch were just too much.

They didn't even put pepperoni pasties on her! Indecent.

Hey, I have an idea -- how about perfume that smells like pizza?

Graphic nudity? It looks like an outline of a woman to me. Hardly graphic but I don't think it's necessary to sell pizza unless your pizza tastes really bad. The next thing you know they're going to be using things like this to sell chicken wings and beer.

Chicken is good too...

Steve, I sent that in to Dave already.

Gotta get one.

You guys call me when you go to KFC to get one of the new chicken sandwiches. I will be standing by with a defibrillator and a doctor with heart. Of course you may have to yell a few times to get my attention.

Pepperoncini bikini.

Advertise on mudflaps.

Similar flap over mudflap girl.

Mudflap girl looks like Italian prostitute sign girl.

Yeah, I'd like to order a couple of pizzas ... one with "vulnerable to exploitation" topping, and one with "sexually transmitted diseases and infectations (sic)" ...

"...roundly panned" Hahahahaha! I get it!

It's OK, they have a pesto-cillin sauce just in case.

When some boobs catch your eye
And you want some hair pie
That's some porn, eh?

So THAT's how you play "Hide the Pepperoni"!

You never saw such a sausage (to quote Pedro)!

Someone called the Police to complain about the sign.
And the Police actually responded.
And then the Police did something about it.
I find THAT to be the more amazing part of the story.

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