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April 07, 2010


It is very manly.

(Thanks to bonmot)


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Come and go at the same time?

a double-dicker

I have a hard enough time (ha!) controlling one. I don't think I could handle having two...serious storage problems.

Double shot

"...the brightly colored forest monitor lizard can grow to more than six feet in length, weighs only about 22 pounds (10 kg) and said it is endowed with a double penis."

Nobody likes a braggart lizard.

Lizard, lizard on the wall,
Double penis booty call,
Does the female have two as well
Or is the second for when the first don't swell.

The only creature on the face of the planet who would not be blamed by women for pissing outside the toilet. I take it back, it would still be blamed.

On the other hand, this might be an interesting development for V ...

Keep them in your pants bud. I still don't want your insurance.

*snorks* all around!

Spare me.

vaginal and anal at the same time?
I'm not jealous,butt....


starts dodging obivous machetes..

A monty with two montys? That is a VERY full monty! (British slang. Look it up.)

Does this mean it has an eightskin?

*snork* @ cheesewiz!

So why is Tiki Barber's mistress leaving the pregnant wife?

This reminds me of an old sailor joke.

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