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April 19, 2010


However, police had to break up the party after several dangerous couch crashes and open alcohol consumption.

(Thanks to Paul Ashford)


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I assume the beverage of choice is couch potato vodka.

"Mind if I crash on your couch" has a different meaning in Calgary.

Hundreds of students ... to celebrate Bermuda Shorts Day.

Isn't that every day in Miami?

One would think that dodging a couch would be fairly easy. On a similar topic, does anyone else wonder why, when someone is being chases down the street by a car (truck, couch, etc.) on television, that person runs in a straight line right down the center of the street?
Frankly, the only time I was run over was by a car I didn't see coming.

Yeah,.... sorry about that, Steve.

Do they use convertibles in those couch races?

I wondered about that myself,Steve. Run to the side! These people were happy because it was 19 degrees outside and they call that shorts weather?
Wait a minute, it was Celsius so in Fahrenheit that would be...... carry the one ...... uh.......warmer than I originally thought.

At the end of the winter semester,
the kids had a downhill fiest-er.
They dodged barracuda
in shorts of bermuda,
till cops did their couches sequester.

The police were able to catch them because they were driving motorized Barcaloungers.

Ahhhhhh to be young and stupid again.

19C = 66F, cindy (more or less).

Modified Couch - WBAGNFARB?

School is over April 16? Sweet. More drinking time.

Of course those couches don't come equipped with air bags, so you have to bring along a professor.

Thank you Jeff. I've never understood the metric system.

Waste of a good Lay-Z-Boy, eh?

At the University of Maryland couches are used as Coleman lanterns; usually because of some sports result and always because of alcohol.

Flagler College in St. Augustine has a LOOONG summer break because of the Florida heat. It is comforting that the Canadians use the same logic.

"Never Mix Alcohol And Furniture On A Toboggan Hill"

What kind of hill is suggested, then?

Isn't "open-alcohol consumption" redundant? Bit tricky to consume it if not open, I should think...

So if it is Bermuda Shorts Day, how come no one in the picture is wearing Bermuda shorts? Kids these days... sheesh.

Must be a northern thing. Does anyone know if there are still bed races at the University of Wisconsin?

BTW, is anyone else concerned about a nurse who doesn't understand the metric system? Give him an inch of serum in that syringe, etc.

PPS, is Centigrade/Celsius actually part of the metric system?

Couches don't kill people, People kill people.

You may think that dodging a couch might be not so difficult. Around the similar subject, does others question why, when someone continues to be chases lower the street having a vehicle

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