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April 24, 2010


Amy Tan establishes her dominance over Roy Blount Jr.

Roy and amy 1


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I like Amy's hat.

"Dominatin' Roy" wbagnfa ... rock song?

Looks like a screenshot from one of those SEC computers...

you GO girl!!! *SNAP*

Simul' with Mitch ... NTTAWWT ... heckuva deal on a werkin' day ...

Said it on an older thread, say it again ... GREAT fotos, MtB ...

Amy literally whipped butt(s).

Wes, I think it's from that one girl accountant's SEC computer. And I don't think she saved it because RB Jr was in the picture, iykwIm...

glad to see RB Jr isn't popegown afterall

Roy Blount Jr. looks a little lot afraid.

You can't get the full effect of the whip from that shot, but as Meanie said...at the end of the song she made all the guys bend over and whipped 'em.


Brothers and sisters, if there was ever any doubt remaining that this so-called rock and roll music was corrupting our youth, then this picture must dispel it.

oh, ooo, blue lights

oh, ooh, blue lights


Damn spammers. Stop breaking the blog.

Roy looks like he's thinking, "Yikes, do those legs go all the way up?"

missing the Boston show. Could not force myself back into the car after 19 hours of driving back from South Carolina.


missing the Boston show. Could not force myself back into the car after 19 hours of driving back from South Carolina.


The spammer made me do that.

... um ... lookin' @ fotos via links supplied by various almost-famous blogits and wonderin' ... nobuddy brung the Giant Leetie Head? (merely curious ... )

Amy Tan looks like she could establish her dominance over pretty much anyone. Or anything.

OtU - unfortunately, the Giant Leetie Head is away visiting Easter Island.

I would like to know how Amy Tan stays so tiny. I have a feeling the whip may have been used with a little more force if she could read Mr. Roy Blount, Jr's mind.

O the U: interestingly enough, we had a longish discussion of the Giant Leetie Head at dinner, trying (probably unsuccesfully) to explain teh phenomenon to NotSherly and Mr. NS.

Despite the fact that both were mental health professionals I don't think they got it.

cindy, Amy is indeed tiny. She must never eat, or she burns it all off by whipping male authors.


Apparently no one is doing any new posting today, so kindly allow me to use this space to congratulate anyone who owns is owned by a cat, a dog or even an iguana: Rejoice! This is your day!

(Mine too)


It has taken me until now to edit and post my pictures (well, it took me quite a while wake up, then it took me a bunch longer tor deal with the photo software on my new computer). Here's the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pighooey/sets/72157623805096387/

Great pictures, JC's FJ!

Jeff Carrie's Friend Jean's photos: linkified.

Excellent shots, JC'sFJ.

*Waves to the Layzeeboys*

Thanks, Jeff! Sorry you didn't get to say hi to Dave after the NYC show; I didn't when we saw him in NY a couple of years ago, but this time I did. I was reluctant to bother him, but I figured it would only hurt for a minute and it might be my only opportunity. So, Dave was very kindly posing for a picture with me and Mr. and Mrs. Lazeeboy when it appeared to him that Ted was gathering everyone up to go. Dave yelled to Ted, "Are we leaving?" with what sounded like a fair amount of trepidation in his voice, so I said to him, "Don't worry, they won't leave without you," to which he emphatically replied "Yes, they will!" (For some reason I found that highly amusing.)

Great pictures Jean. It's nice to be able to put faces with names on the blog. I have a feeling that the RBR's are happily home today and resting up after their tour.

Thanks, nursecindy. I have a feeling you are right about the RBRs; all I did was sing and dance along one night and I still outslept my alarm clock by three hours. After a week like they've had, I'd want to sleep for a month. I'm sure it's a very happy kind of tired, but it's still TIRED all the same.

Oh, Meanie, I just noticed you linkified my pictures; thanks so much! The only thing that would have made last night more fun was if all the blogfolk I met at the NYC gig back in 2007 were there (can you believe it's been that long?).

Oh, and another thing (duh!) . . . . Guin, the Lazeeboys and I looked for you (Mr. Lazeeboy even *shouted* for you when we were having our picture taken with Dave), but obviously to no avail. Sorry you couldn't make it, but there it is. I have heard these things are sent to make us more spiritual, but, well, to be honest, it's never worked for me. So it goes, as dear old Kurt used to say.

Yeah, Jean, that would have been great. It didn't feel like we were overdue, but it must have been so.

YAY!! great pictures Jean!! and yeah..I wish I could have made it to either one of those shows. Too much going on with my oldest offspring graduating in two weeks!

*hi Layzee's*

Aww, Jean! Thanks for thinking of me! I was zombified after my 1000-mile drive back from SC. I think I was asleep by 8. I just couldn't face getting back into the car and driving into Boston. My numb butt rebelled.

grrr. blocking software here at my office wont let me look at pics. if i remember by 530 when i get home, i'll look then...

Hope you're feeling better, Guin. And hey, there's always next time. (There WILL BE a next time, I hope.)

Hey folks, I haven't posted for a few days because I din't take my laptop to Boston and for some reason my Crapberry wouldn't link to the blog. I have a bunch of pics but am at a loss as to how to post them. Any advice?

BTW, thanks to Dave and all of the RBR for taking the time after the show to chat and sign. Our 15 year old son was amazed at the autographs you did for him, he went right out and bought books by Amy and Ridley. (We already have all of Dave's).

Believe it or not, after the show Mrs. Layzee and I had dinner around the corner at a restaurant called - Rock Bottom. (In keeping with the strict rules of this blog I will not comment about the place accross the street from the Royale, called the - Wang Theater.

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