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April 05, 2010


ALIENS are attacking our SHEEP, UFO experts chillingly claimed yesterday.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Time to buy stock in tinfoil company...

If you can't believe The Sun, who can you believe?

I've already got my tinfoil hat on, Coconuts.

The aliens seem to eaten the story too. The Sun's page won't load for me. They're getting closer.

The sheep have been "experimented on"...is that what they're calling it now?

The aliens have thankfully retreated so I can now read the excellent reporting by the Sun's fine journalists. I'm sure Dave is proud to have such peers in the newspaper business.

Topless alien slide show on Page 3.

O'er the ram parts we watched....
A baaad joke, I know; but if you don't like it, flock off.

Look out for those mint jelly rays!

Meanwhile, the Texas A&M Aggies have just discovered a new use for sheep -- wool!

Set phasers on "braise."

We expect mutton but the best reporting from The Sun.

Phil said of his team: "We've devoted our lives to carrying out serious research into the animal mutilation mystery and its connections to the increasingly reported sightings of red and orange spheres."

Hmmmmmm ...... not to tax their bewildered brains too much, but I wonder if they could devote just a small bit of their lives to learning how to use a camera.....

... and aiming it at the sky, not the ground.

They have spheres AND lights! The technology is out of this world!

It must be bad if the UFO experts are chillingly claiming this. Now if they were warmly claiming this I wouldn't be as worried.

They experiment on sheep in Montana too. It's called prom night.

I said, I wouldn't have anything to do with doplars (suns) unless they were dominated by the right. YOu make 'em, you wear 'em (suit up boy)

They have chupacabras in Wales? Who knew?

sonds like someone's being royally fleeced.

and lambpooned.

This is really baaaaaaaaaaaaad. Pretty good eh ?

Cool artwork!

Did you hear the one about the alien with two girlfriends?
One was named Baa-bara and the other Ewe-nice.

Pretty baaaad, Mr. Craggy. But cewete.

Are ALIENS also selectively hijacking DAVE'S and the SUN'S lower case LETTERS?

More excellent Journalism from a fine newspaper....What more can you say??

I know we blogged something once where cows were continuously beamed up by aliens -- while the total number of cows, shown on the screen, kept decreasing -- and I thought it might be under Productivity Enhancers, but I couldn't find it, at least not without clicking on every one of them... (We need a Search function on this blog!)

Did find this, though...

And by the way, guys, don't rag on The Sun when they keep bringing us top breaking news like this ...

"Probing...livestock". What section of the bookstore did this come from, again?

Steve, in certain states it is in the 'self help' or 'how to' sections of your local mega bookstore.

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