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April 16, 2010


Forensics for Dummies

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Looks like Renee got here before she was taken out.

Does the field still attract only really hot single people?

If it's in Glamorgan, my guess is it was alcohol- related.


splattered blood (they splatted) is really going to help them..


Looks like "death by keyboard" to me, Bones.

I think I saw that 1st guy in Avenue Q... i don't remember it ending quite like that, though.

♫ "It Sux to be M......"

He's dead, Jim.

You pass.

Bones: Now that's odd...

Booth: Stop looking at my crotch.

Bones: No, I'm talking about the dead body. Who in their right mind would have that haircut other than Dave Barry?

Booth: Who?

Bones: Dave Barry. Pulitzer Prize winning columnist.

Booth: I have no idea who you're talking about, Bones, now why won't you look at my crotch?

Place that big hammerhead shark in another room of this house and you've got a real forensic mystery.

I think I dated that tall, blond, dummy once but I have a good alibi for any night that he was injured.

I can't watch those shows because the science is sooooooo bad. DNA sequencing in 10 minutes? With a GC!??!! At least in Vegas they actually have some lab instrumentation. Horatio has to analyze everything from accelerant residue to DNA with a centrifuge.

I've dated one of the two victims in the last photo. That makes me a suspect.

Guy#1 was killed by his wife. She got tired of asking him to come out of the garage and take out the trash. A little sloppy though. Next time she should use the bleach.

Seamus, based on the splatter, the mallet, and the setting, I'd say that the victim was died while tryin' to open a ketchup packet from a burger take oot.

Victim #1: Teen in dad's workshop, snorting a line of coke & ran into a very large splinter.

Competitive curriculum. Techie No. 1's been stabbed in the back.

Move along, folks. Nothing to see here..

lol bonmot - she has so much 'padding': it's just a flesh wound.

That's either Beaker from the Muppets or one of the residents of Springfield.

Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick. Case closed!

Looks kinda like a "Does this smell funny to you?" prank gone a bit overboard (har!).

The "blood" seems awfully orange. What was this, death by Cheetos?

He obviously died of a severeD case of dandruff and subsequent anemia.

He looks a little jaundiced to me. Perhaps too much beer when he should have been cleaning out the garage, changing the oil in the car, taking out the trash, cutting the grass, but did he do any of that?? No! Instead he was sitting on his lazy behind eating Cheetos. It was more than I could take.

Hey, where are their sunglasses. Do they also take posing 101 and bad puns 201?

#2 Philips Head screwdriver to the carotid artery. Rookie shouldn't have left the murder weapon on the table, unless he wore gloves to guard against fingerprints.

Is that a centrifuge in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

Do they have a soundtrack of Who songs playing in the background?

Right out of NCIS!

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