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April 06, 2010


 Deepak Chopra caused the earthquake.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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It wasn't meditation, he just had a movement.

What a tool.

I'm gonna meditate kickin' his @ss.

Changing his name to Deepimpakt Chopra

Did the Earth move for you, too?

He's saying that it's his fault?

That's about the seism of it, Annie.

I went to the dentist last week. I tried several yoga positions while getting a filling.

I was determined to transcend dental medication.

Apparently bon and Annie have declared this Evil Pun Day.

I would chime in, but I went sour on puns years ago when I worked very hard to prepare 10 puns for a contest. I thought surely some of them would win prizes, but to my disappointment, no pun in ten did.


Richter? Durn near killed her.

ole deepak needs to build a bridge and get over himself.

I keep telling Deepak that my Empty-mind method (patent pending) is the best way to go.

So he can move mountains?

Well, padraig, I guess there's nothing left but to head out on the no-pun road.

And *snorks* @ Annie and padraig.

"famed alternative-medicine practitioners" with short tempers often lose their patients.

I should have noted that I heard that on Bugs Bunny.

I agree with Queensbee. I had forgotten this guy was still around. I'm going to try and forget again.

This is exactly why I never transcendentally meditate.

Wasn't Al Gore meditating there with him?

It's his fault? Who does he think he is, San Andreas?

Cool website:


So, why isn't he meditating on repairing the damage, reviving the dead, etc.?

Thought so.

So is this pick-up line starting to make a comeback?

Chopra = Oh crap. Which he is full of.

Don't tell Siouxie, but we're trying to get Doopak to move to Miami.

Does that make him Shakes the Clown.

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