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April 06, 2010


Participants in an Easter egg hunt at a park in Des Moines, Iowa, found a body Saturday morning, police said.

(Thanks to bonmot)


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Does that beat the gold easter egg?

Confusing headline. Is the body?! (photo) the one holding the palm frond?

It was Easter. Won't he get up in a couple of days?

Apparently people just go to this park to die. Sort of like the 'elephant's graveyard' of legend.

a tisket, a tasket,
a green and yellow casket....

I thought we learned our lesson about inviting Dick Cheney to Easter egg hunts...

Those kids got stiffed on their eggs, eh?

Did they at least get a wallet?

The Easter Bunny gets really upset if you show up without a ticket to the party.

Did they try to get him on an airplane?

They never said that the photo was specific to that story.

Here comes St. Peter's latest tale,
dirt-napping on the bunny trail.
Hippity hoppity, rigor's on the way . . .

When your hunt goes awry
'Cuz a body's nearby
Rigor mort, eh?

OK, lesson learned -- do not bury the body under a pile of pink Easter grass. Noted.

True story: Des Moines is up for one of the "All American Cities" Award .. One of eighteen in the whole country.

Sean - which country?

(Meanie - eggcellent!)

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