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April 19, 2010


Supercomputer mimics brain of cat

(Thanks to Shari, who says: "They haven't figured out how to make the computer shred your furniture or throw up on your carpet, so I assume another grant is being drafted to research this.")


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After being given a complex mathematical problem, the computer processed for an hour then ran after into the other room to chase a moth.

Generation 2.0 is expected to excrete fermented beans that can brew an exquisite Jolt cola without a hint of any afterthought.

This is a very bad idea.


No Cat lover

This cannot bode well for the mouse...

Jim Davis could be out of a job.

Mimic this

Just what we need, a computer that won't come when you call it.

Couldn't they have just put fuzzy cat ears on a Roomba and quit while they were ahead?

My cat comes when I call her! You just have to call her correctly. She only comes if you say her name 3 times fast so I'm sure my neighbors think I've lost it when they hear me yelling, maggiemaggiemaggie! Did I mention she also stretches for a while before she actually gets to you?

*This is the Voice of Kitty: Kitty wants treat.*

"Not now. I'm busy."

*Kitty wants treat now.*

"No, kitty."

*Nuclear launch initiated. Target: NoviSibirsk Oil Facility. Impact in 12 minutes.*

"Oh, very well. Here you go."

* Missile intercepted by Guardian.*


So..cats are taking over through our computers?? That explains why my Sushi jumps on top of my laptop all the time. I see him typing up those codes.

*runs to get tin foil hat and extra cat food for her new overlords*

Cindy, Our dog is named Maggie! If you call her name, she will come, but only if she's not sleeping on the couch, or intent on watching (or eating) a squirrel, a cat, or the neighbor's dog. Our cat, Peanut, won't come when you call unless you have food.

Super computer to mimic a cat ...

Commodore 64 to mimic a dog ...

Sign of true intelligence?

Dog: *points* "Cat did it!"

Does it yak up a code ball?

It then immediately jumped on a window ledge, fell asleep and later peed on the sped sheets.

spec sheets

Is Android Lloyd Webber really behind this?

My old computer ran Vista so it was already a cat; it did what it wanted and never cooperated in anything useful. I called it a whole lot of varied names but it just sat there, taunting me.
Every once in a while it would crap out.

OK, so now we have a supercomputer than can be distracted by shining a laser pointer on the wall, and has an odd fascination for yarn.

But will it climb the curtains?

It has a constant craving for lasagna.

And what controls the supercomputer?

Braniff, cindy, I must admit that there certainly are some well-trained mammals living in your houses.

I didn't think they would need a supercomputer to mimic the brain of a cat. I figured any computer that went into slleep mode would mimic the brain of a cat.

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