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April 12, 2010


Now: An old sheet.

(Thanks to Annie Where-but-handbasket)


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I KNEW that going to appear on this here blog as a "Jesus sighting update"! I just knew it!!!

save me a seat in the handbasket.

Images in old sheets (mine, anyway) were often stains from bodily fluids. Often emitted after drinking copious amounts of beer, or sex, or both...

Glad we've got a big handbasket...

" Four words: Spray and Wash."

You just know they blamed Mary Magdalene for not washing it properly.

*Annie, wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!*

If you want to have some fun and never, never feel comfortable again, buy one of those party black lights and take it to any motel room in America. Turn off the lights and turn on the black light. You'll see Jesus, all right. You'll also find all the disciples, the Sanhedrin, and a good many of the Roman senators.
Just think, history in a stain.

Question? Should I light one candle at Church for each blog member making fun of the Shroud Of Turin or just one giant candle? Sorry, I've tried to be quiet but, while I'm not sure if it is authentic, this is on par with calling the Dead Sea Scrolls a bunch of old scraps of paper.

I thought it was an old handkerchief, wasn't it?

Hey, where'd everyone go....?

Reminds me, I need to get that laundry done...

*abstains from airing dirty laundry*

*Grabs bottle of wine & 3 sheets to (help handbasket sail away in) the wind*

For mocking the Great Shroud of Turin,
The blogsters the devil were wooin'.
The jibes did not abate,
and they thus sealed their fate,
for the handbasket shirley they're in!

Get rid of the wrinkles with this.

I dunno...I always thought that image looked more like my late Uncle Foster. At least it looks like someone older than 33 years old. Just sayin'.

He's dead Giovanni.

Check out these stains Horatio.

(Takes off sunglasses)His image wasn't good to start. Now it's not worth sheet.

In case you want more:


At that size, it must have been a King of King-size cot.

"...and HE shall Stain forever and eeeeeever"

"...and HE shall Stain forever and eeeeeever"

(and... ever...)

A good sign for the blog. I need it too! I sometimes do evil things. Btw, here's another one for you.

Cindy, God will get you for that...what size handbasket do you need. Do you want your own shroud?

billinbossier, the devil made me do it.

Ralph, I'd be much more impressed with the iron if that image didn't look a lot more like Kirk Hammett than Jesus. Probably has something to do with the number of bids.

nursecindy -- totally beneath you.

WriterDude?? o/t but, I loved the story on your blog about the guy that didn't buy the girl a drink. o/t

I'm sorry bonmot. I'll try not to do it again. I promise.

cute pic.

cindy made the connection. Look at that red coat. Manilow is the Devil. See how happy he is to torture his listeners.

I nearly wrote "Jesus spotted in sheet," butt I couldn't do it.

Miss y'all.

I am pretty sure I read that the Shroud of Turin was identified as originating in the middle ages. It's old but it's not Jesus.

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